Arabic Time Gold – All that glitters is not Gold

Product name: Arabic Time Gold
Official website: Not Available (Multiple fake websites)
Price: Rs. 2490/-
Alternative Product: TITAN PLUS
Pros: None

Cons: Not Discreet Delivery, No GST provided.

Rating: 1.6 out of 5 stars

Final Verdict: Final Verdict: Arabic Time Gold glitters but it is ineffective and useless. Stay away from Arabic Time Gold and save your Money and Time.

Alphaninja Recommendation: We recommend TITAN PLUS to all our readers and fans. Our recommendation is based on our reviewer’s personal experience and results he shared with us.

So this started in first of January. I was browsing internet when out of nowhere a wild pop up appeared on screen. It was Arabic Time Gold advertisement. I clicked on it which redirected me to the website of Arabic Time Gold and to be honest, the website looked very promising. It claimed Arabic Time gold can help me gain 3-5 Inches and in length size, 1.25 – 2 inches in girth and 30-40 Mins in sex duration. I placed an Order of 3 months supply and got the delivery within 5-6 days. 3 months pack contained 3 bottles of tablets, one box of cream, one bottle of oil and 2 spray bottles.

Bitter Reality of Arabic Time Gold

Now I finish my course like I was told but I saw no changes in my sexual life. My penis size was same and there was no improvement in my sex duration. The main reason I ordered Arabic Time Gold is I was suffering from premature ejaculation but It didn’t help at all. Literally Arabic Time Gold gave me 0% satisfaction.

So I called their toll free number but a Lady answered the call, I couldn’t talk to her about my problems so I asked her to transfer my call to Male executive. And Now this guy was very unprofessional. He was talking in very rude manner but I didn’t mind because I was looking for a solution. He asked me to call them on the number provided on GST bill but I got no GST bill along the supply. There was no guarantee card either. I told him that I didn’t have any GST bill or guarantee card and then he said he can’t do anything about it then. In fact he said it is not their fault if product is not working. Now that enraged me a lot and I started in informal way, the same way he’s been talking to me. He realised I was pissed disconnected the call. I tried to call them again but they never answered.

How to know authenticity of companies?

Now I was depressed not just because I was suffering from sexual problems but I got deceived because I was suffering from sexual problems. This was so immoral thing to do to your customers. This time I started looking for products which are really effective. I checked many websites, many products but no company met my expectations. Finally I came across TITAN PLUS.

Titan Plus was everything I was looking for.

Informative website
Professional Customer Assistance
Discreet Packing
GST Bill
The Best of all, Titan Plus is effective.

And Titan Plus is an ayurvedic product so now I don’t even have to worry about any kind of side effects. And Titan Plus actually works!!

Anyone suffering from sexual problems like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction or any other sex related problems should try TITAN PLUS at least once in your life.

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