Extreme Pleasure – These Male Enhancement Capsules Are Fake!

Product name: Extreme Pleasure
Official website: Not Available (Multiple fake websites)
Price: Rs. 2990/-
Alternative Product: TITAN PLUS
Pros: 12% customers said that it increased their libido.

Cons: Misleading facts and claims by the company. No money back guarantee provided. Mostly chemical ingredients based product. 83% negative reviews by extreme pleasure customers. Extremely bad and abusive customer care executives. Poor packaging and delivery service.

Rating: 2.3 out of 5 stars

Final Verdict: Based on customers reviews and feedback, Extreme Pleasure appears to be a fake product that does not work and it might cause serious side effects as well.

Alphaninja Recommendation:: We recommend TITAN PLUS to all our readers and fans. Our recommendation is based on our reviewer’s personal experience and results he shared with us.

extreme pleasureThe impression you get when you first interact with the reviews of Extreme Pleasure energy pills and male enhancement supplement is completely different from what dawns on you once you take the plunge to actually use the pills.

At least this is what I came to find out after using the pills for two straight months. It was a terrible experience, having ordered for the supplement after discovering it on a video review that termed it ‘the stepping stone to getting the most perfect sex life’!

Normally, as a man, you crave to be the best you can ever be in bed. We are hardwired to want to please our women in bed and become the kings they hail when they get horny. That goes for me as well. So, when I encountered Extreme Pleasure, promising to not just boost my sex stamina, but also increase the size of my manhood, I said why not. I could use some additional inches down there! Besides, bigger is better, isn’t that what everyone says?


“Their website design is good but it is full of misleading information and claims about the product to lure the customers. Be careful, because those claims are not true!”

Fake, misleading reviews

I rushed to the website, and there they were; streams of avatars of people claiming to be very satisfied with Extreme Pleasure for helping them become better at sex and satisfying their women better. One even claimed to have got a whopping 5-inch increase in penis size within a span of just one month.

This is interesting, because according to the manufacturer themselves, taking the recommended dose of the supplement, two pills per day, for a month delivers only 2 inches increase in the size of your penis.

Then, even with backdrop already, here comes an individual claiming that the pills gave him a 5-inch increase in the size of his penis. Either this person was out of his mind at the time of making this preposterous claim, or he was simply unintelligent.


“Those are fake review and anyone can clearly tell that! They seems to be copied from other websites. I don’t believe them, because they clearly look FAKE!!!”

But then, this only reveals one glaring fact: the reviewers are not real, they are just as fake as the pills themselves. My hypothesis would be, the manufacturer pays random people to create random profiles and give the supplement a positive claim to lure unsuspecting users into buying the product.

I just wish someone had opened my eyes this way before I bought the product. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as lucky. So I placed an order for the 2 month pack and paid ₹2990 (Indian rupees) for it, plus an additional ₹160 delivery fee. At the end, I shelled out a total of 3150 Indian Rupees for practically nothing.

“Extreme Pleasure delivered my parcel after 5-6 days. I was SHOCKED when i saw the parcel already open! You can see in the image. This was the first evidence of their nonprofessional attitude towards the customers.”

3 weeks with no results was an eye opener

I started getting wary of the Extreme Pleasure pills for the first time when after taking them for three weeks, there was none of the results it is advertised for. You know how it goes; you buy a product that has definitely raised your hopes toward something. You keep an eye out to see the results unfold. You can imagine my disappointment when I started becoming conscious of the apparent lack of the change that I was hoping for.

“When i opened the bottle, second shock was awaiting me! The seal was broken! Can you believe it? See yourself in the photo. They are playing with health of their customers. It can cause serious life threatening effects because the capsules would be contaminated.”

It’s around this time that I decided to measure my dick. No increase. Since I was expecting about 2 centimeters of additional length and a bit of width to my manhood at the end of the two months, it was only logical that there would be about some 1 centimeter added to my original length by the end of the first one month. This was not the case. My manhood was exactly the same length and girth it was at the time I started this program!

That’s when I started being keener and more attentive to any change that would come through on my precious organ. I waited. None. I ingested more pills. I observed. No change.

“Can you see the broken capsules in the photo? How ridiculous can they be? This is highly unprofessional and they are literally playing with health of the customers. You can see the powder coming out of the broken capsules. Be very careful with this stuff guys!!!”

Terrible-to-nonexistent customer service

When finally, only one week was left to reach the end of the two months period of the program, I decided to contact the supplier to lodge my complaint. My call went through, but as soon as I brought up my issue and demanded an explanation (and possible refund) over the noneffective product, the line went dead.

The speaker on the other end of the call disappeared just like that. I tried phoning them again about 6 times without success. I just couldn’t get hold of anyone to give me the answers or help that I was seeking.

Alone in a situation that had not only taken away my cash, but also any hopes of ever getting the answers to my numerous questions regarding the product, I decided to do a little digging. I went to the only party who could give me the answers: Google!

Disheartening revelations about Extreme Pleasure

Using Google search to look up this product across the internet gave me some worrying revelations indeed. I came across more of the reviews claiming how the pills work and had helped them increase their penis sizes. I couldn’t help wondering just how many people like me had been misled into buying this product hoping to see results, only to meet their disappointment.

I have a feeling that the manufacturer takes down any real reviews that they find online about their product because you won’t find them anywhere, particularly not on the product’s website. And since the product is not sold on Amazon where true reviews are protected, you are on your own out there.

So I decided to take this bold step and put together this review for the sake of those who are considering buying a male enhancement supplement. I’m hoping to help as many as possible to avoid falling victims like I did. The good news is, I actually recently came upon something that actually works, so sit tight, I won’t leave you empty handed.

Promising what it can’t deliver

Beware, the manufacturer of Extreme Pleasure male enhancement pill makes some lofty claims that could mislead you quite a bit. They say that Extreme Pleasure is specifically designed to help increase libido and penis size, emphasizing that the product has long term benefits!

Even more absurd is the fact that the manufacturer claims that the product guarantees a 100% satisfaction. This is a terrible exaggeration. Now, we all know that even with the most perfect product, there is always a number of users who, due to reasons such as the biological makeup of their bodies, will see some less than satisfactory results down the line. Any manufacturer who fails to recognize these simple realities is trying to lie to you downright, and you should be very careful and watch out for them.

With 2 pills of Extreme Pleasure taken every day, the company claims that you can hold your erection for as much longer as you want. That’s another claim that is preposterous. In reality, sex is a biological process so you can be in better control of your erection, but not hold it for as long AS YOU WANT per se. Here again, we see someone who is out to deceive his prospective customers, this is unethical!

How Extreme Pleasure is alleged to work

One way that Extreme pleasure claims to work is by giving the user more energy, stronger sex drive and an instant erection after just the first dose due to increased blood flow to the genitals. Further, it is said to stabilize the user’s hormone levels, heightening his sensation and giving him a noticeably longer and firmer erection after about a week of usage.

Further, one bottle of Extreme Pleasure is sad to yield a penis enlargement of up to 2.06 centimeters while the two bottles package are said to yield an enlargement of up to 3.02 centimeters.

These results, according to the manufacturer, are attributed to the product formula that comprises some of the well-known Ayurveda ingredients including Maca Root, Safed Musli, Yohimbe and Horny Goat Weed.


“I did not see any of these ingredients on the label of the bottle. This is so disappointing and unprofessional!”

If you know about Ayurveda then you are likely aware that Maca root is popular for its beneficial effects on the human immune system, sexual stamina, male fertility, energy and overall sexual function. So is Safed Musli, which is known to often help improve mood, increase libido, boost energy and help a person get more endurance. The other two ingredients Yohimbe and Horny Goat Weed are often celebrated for their ability to reduce erectile dysfunction among other huge benefits to the body.

Now, with this in mind, knowing how popular these ingredients are across the Ayurvedic world, it only makes sense that the manufacturer of Extreme Pleasure would claim to have them in the product to come out more persuasively.

Don’t be misled

titan plus
Let these claims not fool you into buying the fake product. You will regret losing your money for nothing. If you are looking to see some real solid results, you’ll have to go for an alternative that actually works: Titan Plus.

Titan Plus is one product that helped restore my confidence in organic supplements after Extreme Pleasure failed me terribly. Thankfully, I was able to come across Titan Plus in good time, which I tried out and was happy to see its results. So, whether you are looking to get some extra inches on your penis or just boost your bedtime performance, Titan Plus capsules should be your answer.



  1. Extreme Pleasure total money waste product! They claim to have doctors, but in reality they are call center scammers. They fooled me and never returned my money when i asked them about refund.

      1. Yes, it didn’t work for me as well. I tried their 2 months course but it was just a waste of money. I don’t see any changes or result and the course is almost complete.

            1. Yes, they dont promise as much as other companies, but they offer real practical results. Anyone who tells you you’ll become a porn star is obviously lying. With Titan, Ive seen an 1 inch increase in 2 months and Im more than happy with that

          1. I am using Titan Plus and it is showing me amazing results. I can see improvement in my penis health. Happily using it from last one month.

            1. I have heard good things about Titan Plus from my friend also. I will order it next month when i get my salary. I will post update if it will work for me!

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