Formula 41 Xtreme – A disappointing experience

Product name: Formula 41 Xtreme
Official website: Not Available (Multiple fake websites)
Price: 2890/- (1 Bottle)
Alternative Product: TITAN PLUS
Pros: Fast delivery.

Cons: Expensive and not effective at all, No proper customer assistance.

Rating: 1.4 out of 5 stars

Final Verdict: Based on my experience Formula 41 is a fake product which way more expensive than other products in the market and it is not beneficial either.

Alphaninja Recommendation: We recommend TITAN PLUS to all our readers and fans. Our recommendation is based on our reviewer’s personal experience and results he shared with us.

So around three months ago I was browsing through some stuff and I came across this ad of Formula 41 Extreme and I checked out their website which I’d say was honestly quite impressive. It had statements about “Instant Expansion Technology”, “Stimulating Penis Growth” and “Super Formula” which I found very intriguing and without a second thought I just went ahead and placed an order of 2 months pack.

I finished my 2 month course without skipping a single day and still I noticed no changes in penis size or my sexual performance. I visited their website again to talk to them about the solution but the toll free number they provided on their website didn’t connect my call to any of their executives. So I tried to ask internet a few questions about “Instant Expansion Technology”, “Stimulating Penis Growth” and “Super Formula”.


I went through so many articles only to learn one common truth that I was a fool to order Formula 41 because there is no such technology like “Instand Expansion Technology” or “Stimulating Penis Growth”. Yes, there is no officially proven “super formula” for penis growth in Allopathic field.

I was upset and couldn’t handle this discomfort so I told my best friend everything about Formula 41’s scam and then to my surprise he confessed that he’s been taking a product called TITANPLUS for almost 6 months now and he has seen unbelievable results with it. I was unsure about it because I got deceived once, I just didn’t want to buy any other product without enquiring full information. My friend didn’t even have to go to the website, he just dialled the number in his phone, when I asked him about number he told me they provide personal assistance so customers get to save the number and can get in touch whenever needed, then I talked to the customer executive who clarified all my doubts.

For more clear explanation, go through the following table:

Formula 41 ExtremeTitanplus
Allopathic productAyurvedic Product
Heavy chances of side effects because of the chemical ingredientsNo chance of side effects as it is made up of herbs and other ayurvedic ingredients
Fictional “Super Formula”Proven and Tested by doctors
No proper customer assistancePersonal assistance
10% Effective95% Effective

I have been using TITANPLUS for almost a month now and my sexual life has never been better.

If you are struggling with any sexual problems, TITANPLUS is a boon for you!!

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