Green Coffee Prima – The Holy Grail of Weight Loss

It has been exactly a week and four days since I cleared my last bottle of Green Coffee Prima. No, since we cleared our last bottle of Green Coffee Prima. I was not taking the capsules alone. My husband was with me all the way. I and my husband have been struggling with weight loss since our late twenties.

Personally I have been big since childhood. Then the problem worsened when I got my first child at 26 years of age. My husband was 29, and he had a pot belly. I struggled to lose the now big tummy that had remained after delivering the child but I wasn’t as successful as most of my friends. I was so fat and unfit, i had lost all hopes.

Gym seemed to work for most women in my neighborhood and phone contact list, but not for me. We went to the gym nearly 5 days every week, tried dieting, and used all the teas that promised weight loss. None of these really helped. I was frustrated.

The worst part is, time seemed to get less and less that we were not getting enough of it for the workouts at the gym. With time, going to the gym became nearly impossible for us, things got worse.

Discovering the Green Coffee Prima

The whole idea about the Green Coffee Prima extract was mine. But my husband is the one who actually arranged the whole thing and got the program running.

I brought the idea home. I had been surfing through my work desktop computer and then somewhere I noticed a heated talk about a weight loss product that was allegedly catching pace in the minds of the Indian population. These debaters were arguing that Indians were now taking up ideas from foreign countries and them as their own. That these supposed Indians had taken up the idea of the Green Coffee Prima from other parts of Asia and not originally from within the country. And now they were building business out of it.

Not that I cared about the whole business propaganda. I am not an entrepreneur, so the whole politic around idea origination doesn’t bother me the least. But then something did strike me: the fact that this weight loss product worked in a different way from the traditional exercise-diet approach.

It sounded great, unreal even. So I came home and discussed my ‘findings’ with my husband. He did not seem interested much. He kept his words measured and said so little, almost unrelated stuff throughout the moment. I assumed this was one of those topics that he did not like so I changed the topic. When our daughter stepped into the room, he cheerfully picked her up and started playing with her as though we had not been talking about something important.

I was wrong to think he was uninterested. The silence was a trick. He was just being a man: wanting to be the one in charge, even in charge of new ideas in the house!

Pleasant surprise

A week later, just when I had already forgotten about the Green Coffee Prima completely, I came home from work in the evening, and the first thing that caught my eyes was the sight of a completely new item on the dining table. A bottle with the words Green Coffee Prima on it. My husband did not appear immediately. And when he finally showed up at the living room, he had this sly smile on his face.  

I felt the impulse to ask him what was going on but the words did not form. So I found myself joining him in the smiling spree. I placed my purse on the sofa and took a seat. Just then, our lastborn Rahul came running into the room shouting ‘mummy!’ He is barely three years old and is normally on daycare. They sure miss us during the day but in the evenings we are their parents and ensure we spend quality time with them.

The kids distracted us for a while but at last our eyes met again. Another smile. Then he spoke. According to his testimony, he had given the idea of the natural weight loss supplement deep thought ever since I mentioned it and took to the internet. It took him three days searching and educating himself about the product and at last he decided to place an order.

Today, he had left the office earlier after receiving the dispatch so that he could be in just before my arrival for the pleasant surprise.

What he had learnt about the Green Coffee Prima

According to the product website, the Green Coffee Prima had been helping millions of Indian women lose weight and become healthy for years. The supplier said they had sold more than a million capsules to more than 3 Lacs+ customers, making Green Coffee Prima the country’s number 1 weight loss product.

This made him both curious and interested in equal measure. So he decided to dig deeper to understand what exactly made the capsules, or the product in general, to be different from all the other weight loss plans that we had used without success before.

First he learnt that the capsules were 100% organic, meaning they contained zero fillers or chemical ingredients, thus were free of the potentially dangerous side effects associated with chemicals. This product was designed to promote weight loss naturally without causing any unwanted side effects.

  • Unique extracts that boost metabolism

According to my husband (by which I’m referring to the information he gathered on the website) the Green Coffee Prima capsules are a perfect blend of organic green coffee extracts that naturally work to boost metabolism. The improved metabolism is important in enhancing weight loss.

  • Lowering of fat production

Further, the Green Coffee Prima capsules contain the recommended 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and Chlorogenic acid that lower the production of fat.

Hydroxycitric acid is said to be an appetite suppressant. This has to do with its influence on the levels of serotonin in the brain. This HCA normally increases the level of serotonin in the brain.

Normally, when we are stressed up or depressed, the stress hormone in our bodies tend to stir up our appetite and we tend to eat a lot. Such circumstances are usually associated with low levels of serotonin in the brain.

With the reverse, occasioned by you taking the HCA in Green Coffee Prima capsules, where the level of the neurotransmitter serotonin is increased, you get to experience a reduced impulse to eat.

From my knowledge of biology, the chemical substance serotonin also tends to boost a person’s feeling of happiness, which means that taking the Green Coffee Prima capsules may boost your mood as well.

Each Green Coffee Prima capsule was said to contain 200 mg of organic coffee bean extracts, which was of highest quality. And that sounded really great.

Becoming unfit

Just a bit of history: at age 32, I realized I was getting worried about my weight. We were what the current generation would refer to as unfit. Both of us. That may be the reason why I got this whole curiosity when I came across a weight loss product that did not fully depend on physical activity and dietary restriction for it to work.

My enthusiasm only went down for the few days because I had been unsure whether my husband had really liked the idea of altering the course of our weight loss efforts. Actually we were already helping each other with some physical exercises when I came upon this product. The progress we had made was minimal though because we hardly got enough time for the exercises lately. The little we could do only kept us out of the way for cardiovascular diseases and the sorts, but was not enough to make us shed any pounds.

We would be more assured with something that did not require hours of our time in the gym or just one of our rooms doing nothing but fitness activity. Those were my thoughts. I was surprised to come to realize they became my husband’s thoughts too when I mentioned the Green Coffee Prima supplement to him.

Started my weight loss on a high note

So we decided to try out the weight loss product for a couple of weeks after learning about their alleged benefits.

I knew a little bit about green coffee beans. Perhaps this is why I was so readily excited about trying them out for my new weight loss journey. They are often used as colon cleansers as well as to improve metabolism. They fall under the wider category of substances called antioxidants, which work to inhibit the oxidation of other molecules in the body.

Oxidation is simply a chemical reaction that involves the loss of electrons and as a result it normally produces free radicals. The free radicals in turn can trigger unwanted chain reactions in your body.

In connection with the earlier information I gathered about the Green Coffee Prima supplement, whereby it was said to help one lose weight without necessarily having to observe some strict exercises routine, I came to learn that the HCA in it works by discouraging the formation of fat from the excess carbohydrates we take in as food. Normally the body manufactures fat from the excess carbs to be stored in an inert form, the fat. These fats are usually stored in that form in the body, especially in the skin and tummy area (belly fat).

The fat being inert, never serves as a primary source of energy. So it can stay in your body, keeping your weight intact for as long as you don’t disturb it.

Green Coffee Prima reverses that reality. It encourages the metabolism of that fat to produce energy that’s needed by the body while discouraging the conversion of the excess sugars into more fat. This happens effectively independent of physical exercises, and as a result it helps you lose weight really fast. At least, that’s what we noticed once we started taking the capsules.

How it went: our 8-week weight loss plan

Even though we were positive that this product would work, we approached it with a reserved mentality. That way, if anything didn’t go as expected, we would be disappointed less. Thankfully, we weren’t disappointed at the end.

The pills lasted for eight weeks and I must say the results are just amazing. This program is one of the best one can ever go for when they are overweight. I will present this plan in phases each with two week durations.

Phase one

We stared taking the capsules the day after since from what we were told by the supplier, the product did not affect one’s schedules. One could just go on with their normal day to day activities while using the Green Coffee Prima capsules.

The first few days had my stomach experiencing some unfriendly discomfort. My stomach kind of ached a bit especially the first day. I could hardly sleep. My husband seemed to afford some sleep. Even though somewhere in the middle of the night I would wake up and find him staring at the ceiling. He went out frequently but strangely never spoke about his experience. At the end of the first two weeks, the stomach ache was no more. I was excited to realize that I had lost six pounds. My husband had lost slightly more weight: well over seven pounds.

Phase two

We approached the third week on a level spirit. I realized we had been eating much less that we had been used to before. Our firstborn confronted us with the question one evening and I must confess it was not easy to find her a suitable response. She was demanding to know why a plate had remained almost full the way it came. Why would food be on the table if it was not to be eaten?

We had been taking the pills about half an hour before the two meals of the day, which meant we took them in the morning and evening. By the end of the fourth week, I had lost about six kilos and the same was with my husband. We had included a few exercises in between, something we never did in the first two weeks. I suppose we just wanted to be certain the supplements worked without help from exercises and diet.

Phase three

By the fifth week, I felt so much energy that sometimes I would leave my husband behind and create time to go to the gym. At other times we would do workouts together in the house. It felt good. We did not appear to be much exhausted after the workouts and that would give us joy. At other times the kids would join us and have a lot of fun copying every move we made. By the end of the sixth week, I was weighing ten kilos less than when I had started. This was just amazing. My husband had lost a little less than I. he had lost slightly over nine.

Phase four

Our final two weeks had little physical activity. We were both busy at work and did not find quality time for the workouts. At the end of the program though, I had lost well over fourteen kilograms and my husband was weighing thirteen kilos less than when we started.

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