Herbal Booster – The Disastrous Journey

Product name: Herbal Booster
Official website: Not Available (Multiple fake websites)
Price: Rs. 2180/- (1 Bottle)
Alternative Product: TITAN PLUS
Pros: Literally None.

Cons: Useless and ineffective, late delivery.

Rating: 1.2 out of 5 stars

Final Verdict: My experience with Herbal Booster was horrible, I’d suggest everyone to stay away from it.

Alphaninja Recommendation: We recommend TITAN PLUS to all our readers and fans. Our recommendation is based on our reviewer’s personal experience and results he shared with us.

It was in Feb 19 when I first time came across an ad of Herbal Booster, Its website looked so unreal but me being dumbfounded didn’t stop from placing an order for two months. I didn’t think twice because what more can a man expect when a product claims there’d be at least 40% Growth in penis, also long lasting sex. It was all I (or any man) ever wished for. So I looked for their toll free number but they didn’t have one so I filled up the form, then they called me for address confirmation which I did and I placed an order of one bottle (two months pack),

I had to wait for 6 days for the delivery and then finally on seventh day I got the delivery. I gotta tell you I was not very happy with the package and confidentiality of the product because the Courier guy smirked looking at me like he already knew what the product was about. I didn’t care much because I was happy that I got the delivery finally!!

That happiness didn’t last long. I finished my whole two months course only to realise it is useless. Yes, I saw no changes in my penis size or in sex time. I did everything they asked me. I didn’t skip a single day of medication. I took the capsules the exact same way they suggested me to. I was wondering “where did I go wrong?”. I was lost because they didn’t provide any customer care number in the invoice so to get in touch with the company I had to place an order again on their website which is very hard to find.

The True Colours of Fraudsters

So I got a call from the company. At first I pretended like I’m a new customer just to ask them the details about the product but the customer assistance team had no clue about the product details. They said their duty is to confirm address and that’s about it and If I want to know more about the product I should visit their website again (website has no details about the product, no information about the ingredients, nothing!!). I asked them about money back guarantee to which they said they actually do have money back guarantee and that’s when I revealed that I was their old customer, the guy paused for moment and then he said he is forwarding my call to a senior executive and I was on hold for 5 straight minutes and then I disconnected the call. I was deceived and I was disappointed with myself to trusting a fraud company so easily.

Turning Point in my Life

I was confused now because there were so many questions popping up in my head like “Is there any way out of my situation?”, “Is my problem incurable”? I met my cousin who is more like a best friend to me, I told him everything about my problems and then he recommended TITANPLUS.

This time I didn’t want to get deceived again so I visited their website and went through the details. I was dumbfounded by their excellent service

Website with full information about the product, including ingredients.
Customer assistance team was very helpful and they provide a number in case if we want to get in touch with them again.
Confidential and Discreet packing.
SuperFast Delivery.
Awesome results without any side effects, Long lasting sex and Erections lasts longer and harder.

And the list goes on, Advantages of TITANPLUS surprised me big time. Honestly TITANPLUS is a godsend miracle.

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