Shukrapower – Boosts your Sexual performance but does it really?

Product name: Shukrapower
Official website: Not Available (Multiple fake websites)
Price: Rs. 3000/-
Alternative Product: TITAN PLUS
Pros: None.Cons: No Assurance provided by the company. No Proper customer assistance.

Rating: 1.4 out of 5 stars

Final Verdict: In my honest opinion, Shukrapower company is a recently launched company just to deceive the customers who are looking for some authentic improvement in their sexual life. Bye Bye Shukrapower!!

Alphaninja Recommendation: I have come across many products but TITAN PLUS still remains the best of them all.

So around two months ago, I stumbled upon an ad with ACP Pradyuman holding Shukrapower pack promising “instant erections” , “non-stop sex for 30 minutes” and the biggest lie everyone lies about these days “Penis Enlargement”.

Well, I did order the pack and got the delivery. Like they stated I got one bottle of 30 capsules, one bottle of Churan (powder) and one bottle of Oil. Little did I know, All these products such as Oil, cream and gel doesn’t work at all. Our sexual performance doesn’t improve with external applications of oil, cream and gel. And Shukrapower not only claimed that it helps in sexual health but also many other conditions like Obesity, Heart Problems, PCOD, Piles, Joint pains. You name it they got it. One solution for any problem in your life. Shukrapower. Here is the screenshot from their website.

I completed the whole course but benefits I gained are next to nothing. No changes in sex time or erection or anything related to sexual performance. I did expect some benefits which they failed to deliver.

Aftermath :

I visited their website again to contact them but their customer assistance team were so unprofessional. They said they don’t provide money back guarantee and they never claimed it on website either (which I failed to notice). I asked them what would be the best solution now and they asked me to order again for one more month and disconnected the call.

I also noticed there are no testimonials or any kind of customer feedback on their website. I felt looted and deceived like their any other customer and that’s then I decided not to order any product without checking authenticity of the company and testimonials of their customer.

So here comes the million dollar question, do we really have any product in India which does what it claims?

Well, TITANPLUS is the answer we are all looking for, they claim it improves our sexual performance and it does work. Their customer assistance is also good and I asked them several doubts and questions, unlike every other company they didn’t lie about anything, In fact they clearly explained how TITAN PLUS works, they explained the functions of the ingredients of the product.

And this time I did my background check with Authenticity, testimonials and customer feedback. I placed an Order of 4 month pack and got the delivery within 3 days.

It’s been a month now and I feel more confident when it comes to my sexual life. I have noticed immense change in my sex time as well as my erection. Honestly I think TITAN PLUS is the best product out there in market and I still get in touch with the customer assistance. And they never try to dodge the customers who already got the delivery instead they provide personal assistance all the time.

So yeah, If you are looking for Genuine and Effective product, TITANPLUS is my answer!

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