VIGENTRA – What An Awful Experience!

Product name: VIGENTRA
Official website: Not Available (Multiple fake websites)
Price: Rs. 2000/-
Alternative Product: TITAN PLUS
Pros: Fast delivery.

Cons: Ineffective Product.

Rating: 1.3 out of 5 stars

Final Verdict: Vigentra claims that it really enlarges your penis which is a fake claim, I strongly recommend my readers to stay away from Vigentra. Save your time and money!

Alphaninja Recommendation: Titan Plus is best alternative for Vigentra. Alternative would be an understatement because Titan Plus works, Vigentra doesn’t.

In February, I came across an ad of VIgentra. I visited their website which was quite alluring to be honest. I didn’t think twice, I went straight ahead and placed an order. I got a call from them and they claimed that Vigentra enlarges penis size and increases endurance. They also claimed that they provide money back guarantee so I placed an order.

Within 6 days, I received the package. It had one bottle of capsules and one bottle of oil. One thing was disturbing me that it was clearly mentioned “MALE ENHANCEMENT FORMULA”. I expected a discreet packing and this was their first drawback. I started my course from the day I got the delivery. All the time I was just waiting for the results to kick in but it never really did. At last I finished the course but I gained no changes in my sexual performance.

Expectations gone in vain

I reached out to their customer care and asked them about the product again. They said same thing they said before that “Vigentra enlarges penis size and increases endurance”. I asked them how exactly does Vigentra works but they kept saying same thing again and again on loop. I realised these guys are clueless and doesn’t have any kind of real knowledge about the product. All the testimonials on the website fake too because most of them had Foreign female names like Laura, ellen I gave up.

After that terrible experience, I started studying about the product first before placing an order. I learnt so many things about such products in the market which I’d like to share. Products like Oil, cream, Gel and sprays don’t work because the changes we need in our sexual performance has to be internal change not external so no matter what kind of oil or cream or gel we apply on our private part, it is never going to help with our problems.

Authentic companies in the market.

There are very few companies in the market which are legit, genuine and authentic. In my experience, I feel Titan Plus is one of the best products out there in the market. It has every feature any customer asks for. The product is effective without any kind of side effects. Their customer care team is very helpful. I’ve used few products in the market but Titan Plus is better than all of them. It helped me gain endurance with harder erections for long time. I totally recommend Titan Plus to anyone who is suffering from time and size problems.

titan plus