VulPower 17 Gold – Is It An Absolute Scam?

Product name: VulPower 17 Gold
Official website: Not Available (Multiple fake websites)
Price: Rs. 2990/- (1 Bottle)
Alternative Product: TITAN PLUS
Pros: Fast Delivery.

Cons: Expensive and Ineffective.

Rating: 1.2 out of 5 stars

Final Verdict: VulPower 17 Gold, like title states, is an absolute scam which deceives its customers with fake claims and fake promises.

Alphaninja Recommendation: We recommend TITAN PLUS to all our readers and fans. Our recommendation is based on our reviewer’s personal experience and results he shared with us.

It was in February when I was looking for a cure for my sexual problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. That’s when I came across Vulpower through an pop up advertisement. I was skeptic because it claimed it was conceived in Germany, not India despite being an Ayurvedic product, that was very odd but I turned a blind eye because I was desperate looking for a cure so I went straight ahead and placed an order of two months.

After 5 days I’ve collected the delivery of Vulpower 17 Gold. It contained a bottle of capsules and one small bottle of oil. They had no proper GST Bill or address or any authentic company details. But I ignored again and started my course just like they recommended.

Results of powerless VulPower 17 Gold

In May, it had been more than two months but I didn’t see any changes in my sexual performance. No changes in my sexual problems either. I’ve waited for 2 weeks after I finished my course in hope for results to kick in but nothing happened. So I finally decided to call them up. I looked up for their website and called them up. I told them everything about my situation but they weren’t helpful at all. They asked me to send an email regarding my problems which I did, that very day but they didn’t revert. I waited for 2 days again and then called them up again but this time they didn’t even answer my call which was highly unprofessional.

Far Better Alternative

I was sexually frustrated with my problems and I didn’t want to waste my time and again but that didn’t stop me from looking for another product which is actually effective, which actually works. I’ve ordered number of products but after talking to their customer care team, I didn’t confirm because I was not satisfied with their assistance. They were clueless as I was.

Looking at me in the state of desperateness, my friend asked me what exactly was my problem then I just broke down and I told him all my problems and what I was going through. He, then, recommended Titan Plus to me and I checked them up and honestly I felt like this is the one!!

Their website is very informative and really helpful. I placed an order and within 24 hours I got a call from their company. I asked them several doubts to which they responded very positively clearing all my doubts with patience. I was really satisfied with their service so I confirmed it and within 3-4 working days I got the delivery.

Now it has been almost a month, I can clearly see the difference and benefits in my sexual performance. My problems are slowly fading away. Now I can participate in sex for longer time with harder erections which was impossible before. I’m really grateful to Titan Plus for it has changed my life upside down. If you are fed up with fake products, give Titan Plus a try, you won’t regret it.

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