Xtra Power – Xtra Disappointment Because It Did Not Work!

Product name: Xtra Power
Official website: Not Available (Multiple fake websites)
Price: Rs. 2500/-
Alternative Product: TITAN PLUS
Pros: NONE

Cons: worst customer assistance, Ineffective, fake claims.

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

Final Verdict: Xtra Power is one of the worst product out there in the market.

Alphaninja Recommendation: Titan Plus is far better than Xtra Power with good customer assistance team and effective product without any kind of side effects.

It was in first week of January when I saw an ad of Xtra Power on a porn website. Their website is full of obscene pictures of sexual intercourse which I found very disgusting but still I placed an order because I was going through some tough times as I was suffering from erectile dysfunction and timing problem. I couldn’t last longer than a minute and I was upset with my erections too. I was desperately looking for a cure. I thought Xtra power might be the one to cure all my problems.

I placed an order of two months pack and it took them 7 long days to deliver the product. I collected the delivery after 7 days which was not confidential or secret like they promised on their website. Now when I opened the package there were two bottles of capsules and one bottle of oil. These bottles had vulgar pictures on them which was really disturbing. I sighed and I started my course like they recommended.

A Total Nightmare

Within a week, I had horrendous side effects from Xtra Power. I got blisters in my private area because of this oil they provided. I gained no benefits but now I was suffering from its side effects. I called these guys and I told them about my conditions. This customer assistance team is one of the worst assistance team ever, they said it was not their fault and asked me stop the course. They also made lewd comments about my sex life and said the fault is within me, not their product. They weren’t even letting me talk and after few minutes of heated argument they just disconnected the call.

Best product without any side effects, also 100% effective.

That phase of Xtra Power was a total disaster, I visited my doctor for those blisters caused by Xtra Power. My doctor told me not to trust companies which provide cream, gel, oil and spray for private parts as they have 90% chances of causing side effects. Then I told him about my sexual problems which was the prime reason why I orded Xtra Power. He recommended Titan Plus which is 100% effective without any kind of side effects. Titan plus comes in capsules and it is tested and approved ayurvedic product.

As soon as I got rid of those blisters, I ordered Titan Plus. Within 24 hours I got a call from their customer assistance team. Unlike Xtra Power team, these guys were professional and very co-operating. They cleared all my doubts with patience which was really relieving. I placed an order and got the delivery within 3-4 working days and this time it was discreet and no indecent pictures on the bottle.

Within 20 days I started noticing differences, I saw good results with Titan plus without any kind of side effects. It boosted my performance and my confidence as well. I suggest everyone to try Titan Plus even if you don’t have any kind of sexual problems because it naturally elevates testosterone levels which leads to immense energy in sexual performance. I rate Titan Plus 10/10.

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