Penis Enlargement – What Options Do We Indians Have?

“Harder, firmer erections. Lasting longer in bed. Increased confidence. These are what defines being your best sexually. These are the dream of every sexually active man.”


But how many people can really, confidently, claim to be at their best sexually? Growing up, we are often virile. But then, age happens, and we slowly lose our virility and sexual potency and no matter how much we want to remain men of capacity, our lifestyles and certain biological dynamics make it quite difficult for us to remain capable of fully satisfying our partners in bed.

Then there is the question of size. Penis size – how big is big enough in the bedroom? You probably know that penis enlargement in India is a popular subject. Many Indian men, like a few other parts of the world, have fairly small penis sizes. And this can often be an issue in cases where the partner could use a little bit more length and girth.

Of course, the Internet is awash with information resources which argue that even though many men are concerned that their penises are small, most of their penises are actually just normal and they need not worry. But how much are you willing to believe that? Who doesn’t want to be considered great? The society has taught that bigger is better, and it’s a piece of reality that you cannot run away from but embrace.

So we see penis enlargement pills and lotions, everywhere. Penis enlargement in India is now an established business, which unfortunately, some unscrupulous manufacturers have joined with the ill motive of deceiving unsuspecting users and make money out of them without actually helping them. This is regrettable, but fortunately there are still genuine penis enlargement products in India that can help you get the results you desire. You just have to know where to look.

Best Rated Products in India for Increasing Penis Size and Sex Time
*Results are based on our survey, comments, views and reviews provided by willing customers of these companies

titan plus
✔️ 93% customers claims Titan Plus has worked for them for increasing size as well as sex time.

✔️ 100% natural, herbal and ayurvedic medicine.

✔️ Safe for all age group men.

✔️ No side effects.

✔️ Fast and life long results.

✔️ 30 days Money back guarantee.

✔️ Made in India.

✔️ Government approved product.

✔️ Clinically researched and supported by doctors in India.
❌ 2-3 days late delivery due to high demand for Titan Plus.

❌ Not available at local medical shops.
hammer of thor
✔️ Some users claimed it increased their sex time

✔️ Elevates mood and stamina
❌ 78% customers claimed serious side effects after taking Hammer of thor capsules.

❌ Made with harmful chemicals that can be life threatening.

❌ Only 20 capsules provided per bottle.

❌ Bad customer care service. (Most users claimed that they do not pickup phone after selling the product.)

❌ No money back guarantee.

❌ 80% users claimed they received fake product.

❌ No certificate of authenticity provided.

❌ It is not a government approved product.

extreme pleasure
✔️ 12% customers said that it increased their libido

✔️ Affordable because of reasonable price
❌ Misleading facts and claims by the company

❌ No money back guarantee provided

❌ Mostly chemical ingredients based product

❌ 83% negative reviews by extreme pleasure customers

❌ Poor packaging and delivery service

❌ Extremely bad and abusive customer care executives
ling booster
✔️ 9% users claimed it helped them last longer in bed

✔️ Can be used as a lubricant gel
❌ Majority of customers claimed Ling Booster cream in nothing but some sort of pain relief balm

❌ Most customers claimed that it does not work for increasing penis size or sex time

❌ 91% customers claimed it causes serious side effects including redness, burning and itching around the penis skin

❌ Very high price

❌ It is not a government approval or licenses product

❌ Very bad customer care service

❌No money back guarantee
xxxl-ling✔️ 4% customers claimed it increased stamina.

✔️ Less price for capsules, cream and oil
❌ Majority of users said they suffered serious side effects after taking XXXL-LING capsules.

❌ Capsules, oil and cream are made with harmful chemicals.

❌ Bad customer care service. (Most users claimed that they do not pickup phone after selling the product.)

❌ No money back guarantee.

❌ 80% users claimed they received duplicate product.

❌ No certificate of authenticity provided.

❌ It is not a government approved product.
kamasutra gold✔️ 10% customers said it helped them with lifting libido and mood.

✔️ Less price for capsules, cream and oil
❌ Misleading facts and claims by the company for penis size increase and sex time.

❌ No money back guarantee provided to customers.

❌ Mainly created with chemical ingredients that can be harmful.

❌ 93% negative reviews by Kamasutra Gold customers

❌ Ver bad packaging and delivery service

❌ Extremely bad and abusive customer care executives

First things first; understanding male enhancement

All techniques aimed at increasing the size of the human penis qualify as male enhancement; or simply penis enlargement. This often includes the increase in total length and thickness of the precious organ, but there are techniques that only aim to increase one aspect of the penis.

Surgery of the penis, for instance, can often be aimed exclusively at increasing either the length of the penis or thickness of the shaft, depending on the needs of the person and availability of the procedure or service provider.

While male enhancement may frequently be looked at as being equivalent to penis enlargement, the latter actually encompasses more than just the size and techniques that help increase the size. Male enhancement is more about boosting the overall sexual performance of the person.

In this regard, male enhancement strategies in India and any part of the world often encompasses techniques for penis enlargement, boosting sexual stamina to enable one sustain an erection for longer, and increasing one’s appetite for sex overall.

Most male enhancement pills and strategies work by increasing blood flow into the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum; the sponge-like regions of the penis – also referred to simply as the erectile tissue.

The erectile tissue is the part of the penis that carries most of the blood in the penis during an erection. The more it can carry the more robust the erection, and the longer this blood can stay there the longer a person can sustain an erection.

Chemical vs natural male enhancement products

Like many products in the pharmaceutical industry, male enhancement supplements in India come in both chemical and natural or organic product forms. While there are those who do not mind using chemical-based supplements for penis enlargement in India, majority of people prefer plant based or organic supplements such as Titan Plus.

Beware of unscrupulous manufacturers who lace their products with unhealthy chemicals and use the term “organic” or “natural” in their promotional messages to sway the unsuspecting buyer. It is advisable that you buy your product from a reputable manufacturer to escape the trap of these deceptive sellers. One way to tell apart genuine organic penis enlargement product in India from the chemical-laden, fake ones is to check if the manufacturer is licensed or product certified.

Numerous brands today claim to sell different proprietary blends of all-natural penis enlargement pills and/or lotions that promise to deliver peak sexual experience. With such a crowded market, it can be terribly hard to tell which product has the most effective herbal formula that is healthy and safe for you.

Fortunately for you, you’ll find some useful information here that will help point you in the right direction.

What makes a potent product that will deliver rapid results that you seek? Where do you look when you need penis enlargement in India? What penis enlargement pills are best if you want to boost your sexual stamina?

Don’t believe the hype

We’ve researched the penis enlargement market so that you don’t have to. We’ve established that companies offering many different types of penis-enlargement treatments often promote them with advertisements that fail to include a scientific angle.

Several companies are in a hurry to sell their products without caring for the welfare of their buyers. They often make claims that are sometimes preposterous, claims that have not been proven.

Some of them also present fake testimonials and skewed data on their websites. Even though these testimonials often seem genuine, if you look keenly; you’ll normally detect some element of exaggeration that give them away. One example is where the reviewer on a website claims to have experienced a 4-centimeter increase in the length of his penis when according to the manufacturer, the product only leads to 2 centimeters of increase in penis length.

That kind of mismatch is a glaring indication of carelessly skewed data, which is common in websites that sell fake male enhancement treatments.

Scientific angle to male enhancement treatments

While many dealers of male enhancement pills and lotions often skip the science element in their offerings, you deserve to understand how the products work; the science behind each of them so that you can be able to make informed decisions for yourself when considering penis enlargement in India.

Few studies have been carried out in support of male enhancement and the whole topic of penis enlargement in India. As such, a search through scientific databases may return few results in support of this matter.

Many science writers are also quick to discount any claims of penis enlargement in general. Like any debatable topic, these are opponents of the science of male enhancement and may be out to discourage you from trying out the methods available in the market.

While there are many penis enlargement treatments that simply do not work, there are those that actually do deliver the results they promise. So, if it’s any consolation, no material on the internet should discourage you from seeking help that you know you need.

1. Penile extenders

This is a technique that involves placing a traction device (small extending frame) or weight on the penis to stretch it. The organ has to be flaccid at the time you’re subjecting it to a penile extender.

There’re mixed reports on the effectiveness of these extenders. While some people argue that traction devices can have some impact on the length of the penis for men with smaller sized penises, some healthcare professionals warn against the use of these devices arguing that they are risky and may cause permanent damage to the organ. They also argue that the use of traction devices would require the involvement of a doctor at a supervisory capacity.

2. Vacuum devices

Also referred to as penis pumps, this technique involves placing a tube over the penis and pumping out the air to create a vacuum. Because the pump draws blood into the penis, the organ will become swollen and seemingly larger in size.

While this method is sometimes used to deal with erectile dysfunction as a short-term treatment, it does nothing to the size of the penis. It simply draws blood into the spongy tissue within the penis leading to an erection. But that is as far as vacuum devices go.

On the darker side, excessive use of penis pumps can actually damage the penile tissue, resulting in weaker erections. Additionally, the devices simply don’t cause any significant long-term gains hence cannot be used as a long-term solution to sexual problems. This explains why they are unpopular as a method of penis enlargement in India.

3. Jelqing

This is an alleged penis enlargement technique that is basically an exercise involving repeatedly pulling the penis using the thumb and index finger while it is flaccid. The idea behind this exercise is that the repeated pulling of the tissue will increase the blood capacity of the erectile tissue in the penis and supposedly result in some increase in length and girth.

While this may appear like a way to stretch the muscle blocks on your penis, researchers say that there’s absolutely no clinical evidence suggesting that using such exercises can actually increase the size of the penis.
Of course, the organ will extend due to the pressure exerted on it, but once the exercises stop, it will return right back to its original shape and size. Penis is one of the most elastic organs in the human body, which explains why it will be a long shot to try to increase its size simply by pulling it repeatedly. There’s no scientific evidence to support that jelqing can increase the size of a man’s penis.

4. Creams, Gels & Oils

Penis enlargement pills usually contain substances that help enhance sexual performance. These generally include minerals, vitamins and/or hormones that enhance the penis. Whether they are chemical or plant based, these materials typically work by enhancing blood flow into the corpora cavernosum and spongiosum – the erectile tissue.

By increasing the amount of blood flow into these tissues inside the man’s penis, the result is often a fuller, bigger looking organ that tends to fill up the partner better.

The hormones in these male enhancement pills also usually work to increase the amount of time the erectile tissue can hold blood to sustain an erection, making you perform better in bed.

With regards to male enhancement lotions, there’s a caveat though. There is really no clinical evidence to suggest that creams can actually work to enhance your sex, other than allow you to get more familiar with your penis.
Some men also become more aware of the difference between the length of their flaccid and erect penis while massaging with lotions. But when it comes to real solid gains in terms of length and/or girth of the organ, science has yet to provide evidence to that regard.

Male enhancement lotions are designed to be used externally. You’re supposed to massage your penis with the cream, which is often not much different from masturbating. There is also no scientific evidence in support of the fact that the ingredients that constitute the cream can actually penetrate the skin enough to reach the bloodstream and deliver the results you seek.

Usually, you need the product in your system for it to be able to initiate a biological response that eventually influences your sexual prowess. Whether or not the external application of a cream can make this happen is still a grey area.

This explains why pills remain the most preferred method of penis enlargement in India. Aside from allowing the ingredients that include vitamins, minerals and hormones to get into the body and enter the bloodstream directly, the method also guarantees quick results that could boost one’s confidence much sooner.

Myths and misconceptions around male enhancement

The whole topic of male enhancement in India is still one that is clouded with lots of misconceptions that need to be demystified. For starters, some of the very methods used for male enhancement are informed by mere myths and misconceptions. For instance, the use of lotions for penis enlargement in India, as well as the use of exercises and vacuum devices with the aim of increasing the length or thickness of the penis are informed by misconceptions that somehow these techniques might bring some gains. They just don’t lead to increases in the size of the penis, other than just influence erection and the lack of it.

There are also those who believe that male enhancement pills used for penis enlargement in India do not work. This is a misconception that is often created by interaction with unscrupulous manufacturers who sell fake penis enlargement pills.

Buying penis enlargement pills from reputable dealers is one of the best ways to ensure you get the results you’re looking for. Genuine male enhancement pills work.

The other huge misconception about male enhancement is that they’re meant for old men only. Nothing could be further from the truth. While men aged 70 years old or north of it often respond well to male enhancement pills and medications, they are not the only group that need this kind of assistance. You just need to look at the bulk of men who search the internet for penis enlargement pills and male enhancement solutions in general.

Risks and side effects of male enhancement pills

Male enhancement pills can help restore a man’s confidence by improving their sexual performance and enabling them to satisfy their partners better. However, since most of these medications are often taken free of a doctor’s prescription, it is best to stick to the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.

Some penis enlargement pills, especially chemical based ones, contain material that could potentially put people with particular health conditions at risk. If you have high blood pressure for instance, it would be much recommended that you stick to plant-based or organic male enhancement pills as chemical-based pills contain certain ingredients that can be dangerous to you.

Penis enlargement surgery vs penis enlargement pills

Surgery has been touted at some parts of the world to be one of the methods of penis enlargement. Unfortunately, surgery can only serve to increase the size of the flaccid penis by adding a mass of tissue to it. The procedure does nothing to the size of the erect penis, which is often the main area of concern for men who seek penis enlargement in India.

1) Penis length surgery

The first and most common type of penis enlargement operation available is the length surgery which involves cutting the ligament attaching the penis to the pubic bone then adding a skin implant at the base of the penis to extend it frontwards. While this allows for the extra length for the flaccid penis, there is normally no change in size of the erect penis.

There’s another problem: the surgery usually damages the shape of the erect penis, which will now not point as high as before undertaking the surgery. This happens because cutting the ligament removes the support that it offers to the penis.

This can often make sex quite an uncomfortable process. In essence, the penis length surgery does more harm than good to the person’s sex.

2) Penis width surgery

For those who want to increase the girth of their penises, there are surgical techniques designed for that. These involve injecting the penis with fat that has been taken from another part of the person’s body. So, the increase in girth is caused by the additional mass of fat introduced to the circumference of the penis.

This is one of the surgical procedures with some of the most disappointing results because the body will usually re-absorb the fat eventually leading to a compete loss of the gains made. This can be terrible given the pain and cost you have to incur during the operation.

Like any utterly delicate surgical procedure, there can often be complications in the process, including scarring, disfigurement and lumpiness of the penis, if not downright infection. Any of these complications end up worsening your sex instead of fixing it.

3) Liposuction

This is a technique that involves sucking away belly fat for men with especially large tummies. In other words, liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes the fat below the abdomen, which can often make the bearer’s penis look smaller. By removing the obstructive fat, the man is able to leverage more of or the full length of their penis.

This surgical procedure does nothing to the natural size of the man’s penis. Liposuction simply does not boost your sexual stamina nor does it increase the size of your penis. It is therefore not a method of penis enlargement in India per se. It only removes obstructions to the penis allowing it to appear more prominent. And, it is only meant for people with particularly large tummies.

Penis enlargement pills on the other hand, work to influence the size of your penis by actually impacting the tissue inside the organ to offer some gains. With the right penis enlargement pills, the gains are likely to be fairly permanent.

Frequently asked questions on male enhancement

The topic of penis enlargement in India draws a whole lot of questions that are sometimes unique from person to person. However, here are some of the questions that tend to be similar across different people.

i) Do penis enlargement pills really work? Yes, the right penis enlargement pills by reputable, often licensed sellers have been found to offer some gains in length and girth.

ii) Where can I buy penis enlargement pills? You should be able to get the right penis enlargement pills from the websites of various manufacturers such as where you simply place your order and they get delivered to you.

iii) How much increase can penis enlargement pills offer me? People who have used genuine, often plant-based penis enlargement pills have reported increased in length of up to 2 centimeters and proportionate increases in thickness as well.

iv) How can sex pills boost performance? Male enhancement pills typically work to increase blood flow to the erectile tissue in the penis, leading to firmer erections and size increases.