Ayur 69 – Male Enhancement Capsules or Fraud?

ayur 69Product name: Ayur 69
Official website: Not Available (Multiple fake websites)
Price: Rs. 2490/-
Alternative Product: TITAN PLUS
Pros: 8% customers said that it increased their libido. Reasonable product price. 4-5 days delivery.

Cons: No money back guarantee. 80% users claimed they received fake product. Chemical ingredients in the product. No certificate of authenticity provided. It is not a government approved product.

Rating: 1.4 out of 5 stars

Final Verdict: Based on customers reviews and feedback, Ayur 69 appears to be a fake product that does not work and it might cause serious side effects as well.

Alphaninja Recommendation: We recommend TITAN PLUS to all our readers and fans. Our recommendation is based on our reviewer’s personal experience and results he shared with us.

ayur 69 bottleI discovered Ayur 69 male enhancement supplement through a review. Allegedly, the guy had suffered problems with his marriage because of the shape and size of his penis that his wife apparently had not found appealing…until he discovered Ayur 69. According to the reviewer, the pill helped fix his marriage.

The whole story was quite convincing. I got curious and decided to place an order for the supplement. Not that I have any problems with my performance or size, but who doesn’t want to be better anyway? Here I was, in an encounter with a product that promised to take me from good to great; I didn’t hesitate to go for it.

Delayed order

My order arrived a day later than was promised. Even though I didn’t find the explanation I was given by the delivery guy to be good enough, I didn’t take issue with the company because I was more interested in the results rather than the customer service. I opted not to take the moral high ground with the manufacturer.

“My Ayur 69 package was poorly packed. It was open and there was no seal underneath the cap of the bottle. Not to mention, i found some broken capsules inside the bottle as well. You can see in the photo, the powder coming out of those damaged capsules. This is highly unprofessional and can be life threatening too if you consume those contaminated capsules.”

Little did I know that this was just but the start of a much bigger disappointment. For starters, I didn’t like the packaging. It was rather poor grade. The package was open and the seal of the bottle was broken as well. Inside the bottle some capsules were damaged and the powder was all over the bottle. See yourself in the photo i posted above. I’ve seen lots of packaging, but the Ayur 69 one did not measure up to the standards that one would expect of a product in that price range.

Nonetheless, I shrugged it off and proceeded to start the program.

Zero increase in size after 2 months of usage!

I used the supplement for two months straight. The supplier had advised me to go for both the tablets and oil if I wanted quicker results. Of course I wanted to make the most of this thing, so I took the recommendation and went for the package with both tablets and oil.

It did not work for me. I strictly followed all instructions, but got ZERO RESULTS! Surely, it is a fake product.

You can imagine the high hopes I had when starting this program, and eventually the terrible disappointment that hit me when it turned out to be all for nothing. All the money I spent and the time and hope I invested in Ayur 69 was a total waste. This was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever faced.

So I decided to share my experience with everyone out here who might be looking for a similar product, to caution them against this dubious product. Hopefully by doing this I’ll manage to save some people from falling victims the way I did. Furthermore, I’m going to recommend something different that actually worked for me after this disappointing experience, which I hope could work for you too.

What I learnt about Ayur 69 from my homework

The manufacturer of Ayur69 claims that the product consists of both oil and tablets to maximize the results, arguing that this delivers up to two-times better results. While they say this is based on their medical testing and customer results, no clinical research exists that supports these claims and medical professionals have not been able to corroborate the manufacturer’s claims.


Secondly, there is no scientific evidence supporting that applying a substance on top of your skin can allow enough quantities of it to penetrate through to your bloodstream and induce notable changes in sexual performance, leave alone increase the size of your manhood. As such, to say that Ayur 69 oil has the ability to work just as the tablets ingested to double the results, just sounds uninformed or deliberately misleading.

Could the manufacturer be deliberately misleading unsuspecting users?

The Ayur 69 manufacturer says that taking the 2 months (60 tablets and 2 oil bottles) package will increase the penis size by up to 4 centimeters and sex time by up to 20 minutes.

They also have a pro pack of 5 months (150 tablets plus 5 oil bottles) that they say will increase your penis size by up to 9 centimeters and sex time by up to 45 minutes. This is just preposterous and absurd. The facts just don’t add up, no product works like that. Either the manufacturer has no idea what they are talking about or they are just cons who are out to steal money from innocent people by putting up deliberate campaigns inflated with misinformation and outright lies.

I have researched this topic in depth and I can tell you beyond doubt that the information on Ayur 69 website is inflated with lies and falsehood. Don’t let these exaggerated details mislead you into buying the tablets or the oil, you will regret losing your money for nothing.

More and more preposterous claims

Ayur69 manufacturer says it uses a secret formula developed by 4 Ayurvedic experts after years of testing and research way back in the 19th century. It further claims that it is the only product in India that is legally approved by the Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy, abbreviated as AYUSH – which is not true.

They also claim that Ayur69 is completely natural and has no side effects. Don’t be fooled. I applied the oil on my penis skin and regret to say that I developed some very strange rashes all over the area where I applied the oil. Fortunately, these symptoms disappeared a short while after I stopped using the product, which tells just the kind of side effects that you can expect from using Ayur 69.

The other glaring allegation is that the product is clinically tested and certified by 6 labs in the country. Yet, they don’t mention which labs these are, simply because the labs don’t exist and there has been no clinical test, at all, on the product.

Some of the things that Ayur 69 male enhancement product claims to do:

Among the alleged powerful benefits of Ayur-69 include:

1. Increasing your sexual confidence, allegedly because you become mentally and physically self-assured after having performance better in bed in any sexual position your girlfriend and you want. I didn’t see any of that when I used the product (for two full months!).

2. Increased penis size and width. The biggest lie of all. Even after using Ayur69 for those two months, there was absolutely no change in the size of my penis and you can be sure to expect the same disappointment if you try to use it yourself.

3. Having sex for longer. The manufacturer claims that you can go all night in bed if you take the tablets and oil. None of these is accurate information.

4. Boost testosterone levels. Ayur69 company probably knows quite well that testosterone is the key male sex hormone that when present in the body in high levels, is likely to enhance one’s sexual performance. The company is therefore using this knowledge to build their case to lure people into using this product.

On the whole, the Ayur 69 company is attributing the alleged effectiveness of their product to some known Ayurveda ingredients including Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Kaucha, Gokhru and Kokilaksha; which are popularly known to have beneficial effects to the body.

Anyone can tell those are fake reviews written by the company itself! FAKE! BE CAREFUL GUYS!!

Fake reviews; beware of them

The Ayur 69 website is loaded with fake reviews of the product, people who claim to have used the pills and the oil and experienced great results. None of these people actually exists.

They just copied some random reviews from other websites, changed their names and posted on their own website. Anyone can tell easily that this is a big fraud.

I took the time out to look them up, only to find that there is no one at the other end but a fake alias for a nonexistent user.

My assumption is that the manufacturer is creating these fake personalities to create fake reviews so that it can appear like the product has actually worked for someone, when the truth is that the product doesn’t actually work at all.

It doesn’t increase your penis size and will never improve your sexual performance.

So, What really works?



I didn’t give up on enhancing my sexual life after this discouraging experience with Ayur 69. Someone recommended Titan Plus, and since this was a word of mouth recommendation and not some faceless Internet personality, I gave it a go.

Today I’m glad I did. This product really works. If you ask me what the number one male sexual enhancement brand is, I would recommend Titan Plus without hesitation. It is packed with some really helpful natural ingredients that you’ll truly find beneficial if you’re looking to improve your performance in bed and get some much-needed boost in girth and length.

Titan Plus comes in form of pills loaded with plant-based ingredients, mostly of Ayurvedic origin and medicinal application. I’d highly recommend this product for anyone who is seeking to do something about their sex life.

titan plus



    1. Yes, they say it is ISO certified, GMP certified but i didnt any certificate copy or any kind of user guide cards inside the package.

        1. Money back? They are not even answering my calls anymore. looks like they block the numbers as soon as we customers get our delivery, no customer support, no assistance, nothing. wasted my money on useless powder.

    2. I have used both Ayur69 and Titan Plus. Ayur 69 did not work for me. But surprisingly Titan Plus worked well for me. I don’t know about the penis size because it has been only 10 days since im taking these capsules. BUT, my sex time has increased a lot.

      I can easily have sex for 40-50 minutes now, and earlier i used to last only 5-7 minutes. So, in my case, Titan Plus has worked as it has increased my sex time.

  1. Ayur 69 caused me blisters on my private parts. When i called their customer care, they asked me to throw the pills in the dustbin and forget about the cash. The customer rep even laughed on the phone. How rude!

    1. After taking Ayur 69, im suffering with headache, nausea and severe itching. My doctor asked me to stop taking this product immediately. Don’t buy this! This is legit scam.

      1. Ayur 69 tempt us, talk smoothly till the product reaches us, once we take the parcel, we lose our money. There is no customer support at all, fake fake fake!

  2. Those gelatin coated capsules looks like plastic coated capsules which does not dissolve at all and that’s when i stopped taking these capsule.

    1. Yes. In my bottle there were 20-30 broken capsules, and when i called them to replace the bottle, they stopped taking my calls and blocked my number.

      1. I purchased pro pack of 6,000, all are broken and now no response from them, this is so cheap stuff. All hard earned money wasted.

  3. Sir I have ordered ayur69 about 30 days before i am taking above medicine according to instruction but it is showing adverse affect on my penis. It is not working as before using medicine and it is going on decline. I have surched complain site on ayur69.com but it not shown medical help line number is not working. So i conclusively says that this product is totaly fraud and i want to comlain on government authority to ban this product.

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