Degnight 60 – Does It Really Work As Promised?

degnight 60Degnight 60 is one of the oldest male sexual health product available in Indian market. As per information published on Degnight’s official website they have thousands of customers. I obviously cannot confirm that because i have not official verified with them.

Given the sales pitch available on Degnight 60’s website, it claims their product can rapidly increase penis size. You can grow upto 2.5 inches in penis size in 30 days. Did it work for me or not? I’ll tell you more about it later. They say, it also improves sexual performance by increasing sex time. It gives your stronger and long lasting erections.

Degnight is one of the oldest and popular companies in India if you evaluate the penis enlargement pill market in the country. The company has been around for a while and I personally saw their advertisement on an adult videos website when one day I was masturbating. Does it work or not? Does it cause side effects? Well, ill answer all the important questions today based on my personal experience of using Degnight 60 for over 2 months.

Hi brothers! My name is Rajashekar Iyer and I’m 39 years old and currently living in Hyderabad. Right from the adulthood when I was about 16 to 18 years old, I masturbated a lot. I used to masturbate 3 times a day. I don’t know why but I was crazy for it. Look, masturbating is good and recommended by doctors to do it regularly. It keeps the sperm reproduction system in the body healthy and also helps you feel relaxed. However, doing it excessively is not recommended as I used to do. It negativity affected my sexual health as I developed premature ejaculation and low sex stamina problem because of over doing it. I don’t know if excessive masturbation caused it or not but my size is small. It measures 4” inches only at peak erection. 🙁

My small size and premature ejaculation problem led to an unsatisfactory sex life after marriage. My wife always complained that I have a small one. I would always end up ejaculating in 5-6 minutes. She was unhappy about the sex life we had and after years of struggle she finally left me and filed for divorce. 🙁

I wanted her back, so I decided to find a cure for my sex health problems. I consulted several urologists and gone through their treatments but nothing really helped me. My control over ejaculation improved but not by much. I could control it for only 6-7 minutes now. I wanted to last longer in bed and have a longer and thicker penis.

Then one day I was masturbating while watching adult videos on a website, I saw Degnight 60’s advertisement. In that ad they mentioned that their pill is 100% natural and can increase the size without side effects. I clicked on their ad and it took me to their official website. Their they have provided lot of information about their product such as:

  • It is India’s best penis enlargement medicine.
  • It is 100% safe and natural formula
  • It is approved by 42 urologist doctors worldwide.
  • It enhances sexual performance by keeping erection tight and longer.
  • It gives harder and longer erections.
  • It increase your size by up to 3 inches and more.

These are all claims that might impress you to quickly click the order now button and get it delivered at home. Well, that’s is where the marketing of these companies comes into play. They lure you by false claims and promises which is never going to happen.

How Was My Degnight 60 Experience?

Just like you all, I was also desperate and excited to cure my sex problems and have a long penis. So, after reading all the information, I ordered it by submitting my name, mobile number and address details. After few hours, their customer care personnel called me for order confirmation and delivery address. I provided them all information and asked more about the product. They explained me that it is a potent formula that is made with natural ingredients. It will increase my size and sex time in just 15 days. That made me feel happy because I wanted to fix my sex health problems. So, I confirmed the order for 2 months package.

Within 4-5 days their courier partner delivered the parcel at my home and paid their cash on delivery amount. I opened the package, inside it there was one bottle and bill copy. I called them again for instructions about how to take these pills. They explained me that I need to take one pill every day after dinner with milk or water.

So, I decided to take it from that night itself. I was hopeful that it will solve all my sex life issues and ill be able to enjoy sex to the fullest. So I continued taking Degnight 60 capsules for 10-15 days.

This is Where Degnight Turned Nasty!

I remember it was 17th day when I was having a bath, I noticed burning sensation around my genitals area skin. I quickly wiped the area with water to see why it is burning and so painful?


I saw big red rashes and boils all over the genti area. I was terrified and scared! I quickly wiped off the area with towel and turned on all the lights to see the area properly. There were red rashes all over the skin and boils. When I touched the area it was so painful and burning as if someone has thrown red chilly powder on my penis.

I quickly dressed up and got my phone to call Degnight customer care number. I explained them my problem, but they were not ready to listen. They instead blamed it on me that I must have done something wrong. I told them that I never had this issue and it is only happening after taking Degnight Pills. This was clear case of side effects. I asked them to provide treatment for this, but they refuses and told me to go see a doctor. I was like, What the Fvck? How can they do that to their customers? 😯

I was really angry and decided to call them again for refund. But this time they abused me and threatened me to take action If I will call them again. I again called them for money refund as promised on their website, but they cut the phone and put me on block list.

Forget about Degnight fixing my sexual health, it made it a nightmare! 😡

After few days, red rashes and burn marks around my penis skin gone bigger. Pain and itching increase as well. It was time to visit my doctor. My doctor diagnosed it to be side effects of the pills I was taking. I asked me to stop taking these and he prescribed me anti allergic and anti-biotic medicines. I took that treatment for 3 months and after that it cured the side effects degnight caused me.

My Honest Opinion & Verdict

Degnight is a fake product and they are here to scam innocent people. I would raise an alarm and say that YOU SHOULD NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! It is not going to work at all, and instead it might cause severe side effects that may not be easy to cure. So, guys please beware and never buy it. This is my story and personal experience, hope it will help others take a decision.

Meanwhile, my current Urologist Dr. Mahesh Chavan has prescribed me a new medicine for treatment of premature ejaculation and low libido. He also explained me that it will eventually work to increase my size and width. I have taken it for only 5-6 days now, and results are promising. I will post and update soon about the product and tell you the result if they will be good.

Disclaimer: The opinions and personal experiences expressed within this post are the personal opinions of the author (Rajashekar Iyer). The facts and opinions presented in the review do not reflect the views of AlphaNinja and we do not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.


  1. I have used Degnight in past. But results were not satisfying at all. It did not work at all to increase my penis size.

    I’m currently taking Titan Plus. I’m really surprised and happy that this medicine worked for me. It increased my size by 1 inch and also increased sex time.

    I will post an update again once my 2 month course is completed.

  2. I’m experiencing loose motion after taking degnight medicine. Is it a side effect? Should i stop taking it? Now im worried :s Pls help!

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