IronRod Penis Enlargement Pills Review

We were talking about what constitutes an alpha male when the topic of male enhancement pills popped up. That was back in campus. The four of us lived in the same block, doing courses that even though were different, actually revolved around the same thing. So we often found ourselves hooked to the same topics of discussion most of the time.

This evening, we had had a chitchat about girls, yeah, we liked talking about that a lot. Then we discussed what it took to satisfy them (women), we failed to agree on anything, before one of us brought up the subject of supplements.

Even though we all felt that we had equal chances of being the alpha in the group if we would be subjected to a vote, when it came to satisfying our women, we all had a common limitation. None of us seemed to feel completely confident that he understood this part. We all wanted to do more to satisfy our women, so each of us found himself immensely interested in the subject of male enhancement.

Took to the internet

Following that discussion, I went online to look for the best male enhancement supplement in India. I wanted to do this silently without the knowledge of the other three guys. I couldn’t find anything. So I later approached the guy who had brought up the topic, to ask him where he got it from. He referred me to the IronRod website.

What I found  

Here was a supplement that claimed to increase the penis size by 2 to 3 inches ‘naturally’. Personally I did not understand what that meant. I did not really know much about male enhancement or supplements for that matter at the time.

I later came to learn that by “naturally”, they actually meant that the supplement was made exclusively from natural ingredients.

These included Maca Root whose benefits, according to the website, included increased fertility in men, restoring hormone balance, boosting the man’s immune system, and increasing their energy and stamina for improved sexual performance.

Yohimbe is the other ingredient that was mentioned in this website. According to the information there, taking Yohimbe by mouth would arouse a man sexually. As an ingredient in the supplement, the site claimed that Yohimbe helped cure erectile dysfunction (ED) and other sexual problems that they did not mention. This was supposedly because the roots contained a chemical called yohimbine which could increase blood flow and nerve impulses to the penis.

Then there was Ashwagandha that was said to have healing properties that help boost a man’s sex drive and stamina. The site stressed that Ashwagandha could increase the hardness of an erection and contribute to erections lasing longer.

The last ingredient that was listed on the site was Safed Musli. This was said to be an amazing sexual drive booster, which also exhibited some therapeutic properties when taken as a supplement. The site claimed that Safed Musli had the potency to prevent premature ejaculation and increase a man’s libido, sperm count and fertility in general.

You’ll be surprised to hear what happened to be after buying these claims and deciding to purchase the supplement.   

Additional claims on the IronRod website

Further, the IronRod supplement was claimed to comprise of the most powerful all-in-one formula that led the user to last longer during sex. In other words, the supplements would do away with any issues of premature ejaculation, increase one’s drive for sex, and boost their stamina to the extent of going the whole night without getting particularly exhausted.

This was quite a big claim. I had never heard of any substance that would make a man do all that! I started becoming interested to not only know more about these supplements, but also try them out to see if I might become that best that IronRod pills promised.

Who wouldn’t want some increased virility? Who wouldn’t want to feel maximum pleasure during sex? Of course this was becoming irresistible! With only two pills a day, there was that I would begin to feel my sex drive and power progressively build, feeling happier and more satisfied with each intercourse.

Some alarming details

While the claim that the IronRod pills had a unique natural formula that met the highest international standards of quality and safety made me want to try them out, there was another claim on the website that got me a bit concerned.

They claimed that the capsules had been tested and approved by scientists from South Africa, that South African societies have had the ritual of increasing male penises to lengths that are longer than normal. I’m quite well versed with South Africa’s history but I’ve never come across anything like that!

Despite my concerns, a part of me refused to let go the decision to buy the supplement, so I went ahead and placed an order. It arrived in a few days’ time. To locate me, the delivery guy phoned and asked me for directions. He had the Iron Rod pills wrapped in an unidentified packaging, which according to him was their way of being discreet. Not that I had asked them for such discretion, but I was okay with that arrangement nonetheless. I started taking the pills the same day, anticipative of the results that had been promised in return for my money.

Wasted my money?

It was unsettling that a whole one and a half months down the line, having been taking these pills every day exactly as prescribed, there was not even the slightest change!

I mean, I spent my money on these things, a lot of money for that matter. Did I just throw away Rs. 3999 like that for nothing? I was running out of the 120 capsules that I had bought using this money. Taking 2 capsule per day, as I had been doing since the day the delivery guy showed up on my front door, I would be finishing these things in less than two weeks’ time. But where were the results I paid for?

According to the company, I was supposed to start seeing real solid results in just under two weeks. More than six weeks had gone by, and there was nothing to show for it. My sex life, size of penis in terms of length and girth had remained right where it had been before. I found myself in unfamiliar territory, how would I explain this! It was time to go loud about this experience. So I reached out to the comrade who had told us about this supplement.

Duped into buying a fake product

We had been played. I had no idea that the guy had also bought this thing, quietly. Both of us had wanted to disclose the secret to the other as a secret after experiencing the results, after which we’d boast as the ultimate alpha male. Damnation!

Nether he, nor I had seen the results we had hoped for. I wish I could say that the idea of not being alone in this scandal made it less daunting, it didn’t!

We decided to call up the supplier together and register the complaint. He went first, the call went through. Someone seemed to receive it, but never spoke. He decided to hang up and try again, three times and then line went dead. Now it didn’t go through. I tried my cell, the line was dead.  

This was an experience that I didn’t know how to recover from. I just swore to never try suh supplements again.

Falsely claimed to be GMP certified

After suffering that terrible ordeal with the IronRod supplier, I managed to slowly get the experience out of my head and become free of it. Many years have passed and I’m no longer traumatized by it. However, a few weeks ago, I ran into one of the three guys we were in college with. We talked for a while and when he mentioned that he works with India’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) body, the experience I had with the IronRod supplement came back to my head.

Later that evening, I went back to the website and realized that nothing had changed. That website still contains the very same reviews and pieces of information that it had when it duped us.

However, this time round I noticed something extra, which even though had probably been there before, had escaped my eyes. I had missed the text indicating that IronRod capsules are GMP certified and approved as effective and safe to use – the first time I visited that website.

GMP is the system that exists in India that’s responsible for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled in accordance with specific set quality standards. This system is intended to help minimize the risks involved in the production of any pharmaceutical products in the country.

Since my friend works with the GMP, I asked him to look up IronRod to see if it is indeed certified. Turns out, IronRod is not certified at all. In fact, this certifying body does not even know about the existence of anything called IronRod. What a shock!  

Fortunately, he was able to identify one natural product that is certified though: TitanPlus. Since this product is certified, I’m considering trying it out to see how things turn out. I must say, I have a good feeling about this, and hope to see great results soon.