Ling Booster Cream – Does it really increase the size?

Product name: Ling Booster
Official website: Not Available (Multiple fake websites)
Price: Rs. 3150/-
Alternative Product: TITAN PLUS
Pros: 9% users claimed it helped them last longer in bed. Can be used as a lubricant gel.

Cons: Majority of customers claimed Ling Booster cream in nothing but some sort of pain relief balm. Most customers claimed that it does not work for increasing penis size or sex time. No free shipping. 91% customers claimed it causes serious side effects including redness, burning and itching around the penis skin. It is not a government approval or licenses product. No money back guarantee.

Rating: 1.2 out of 5 stars

Final Verdict: Based on customers reviews and feedback, Ling Booster appears to be a fake product that does not work and it might cause serious side effects as well.

Alphaninja Recommendation: We recommend TITAN PLUS to all our readers and fans. Our recommendation is based on our reviewer’s personal experience and results he shared with us.

ling booster creamWhen I first bumped upon Ling Booster, the penis enlargement cream that promises to grow your penis by up to 2 inches in just a matter of weeks of usage, I thought to myself: this is the real deal. The advert was great and the promise to deliver results was quite appealing, but, does Ling Booster really work?

I have never been much into enlarging my penis using any product, but when I came upon Ling Booster, it somehow managed to peak my interest. Besides, the method of use was totally non-invasive. All you have to do with this male enhancement cream is apply it topically on the skin of your penis and massage for 20-30 minutes every day.

Additionally, the price, at Rs 2990 and additional Rs 160 shipping cost on top – bringing it to a total of Rs 3150 for a 60-days pack, appeared to be fairly on the higher side, creating the illusion that the product would be really good.

So I placed my order which arrived before long. I paid for the cream on the day of its delivery and started my routine with a lot of anticipation.

I was not happy with their packaging. It was open and poorly packaged. Not impressive at all from a company that claims to be professional.

Six weeks later, no change!

It was alarming when by the end of the six weeks of daily use, there had been no change in my penis. Everything was exactly where it had been before I started this program; not the length nor the width had moved an inch, yet I had been massaging my penis for approximately 30 minutes every day.

I sprang into action and started researching more about this product. I found the following information on their website:

How Ling Booster works? – With regards to how Ling Booster allegedly works, the manufacturer claims that the cream contains generous amounts of Maca Root as its main ingredient, which arguably can improve any symptoms of hormone imbalance and drastically increase fertility in men.

Sure, Maca root is known to have some really beneficial effects on the human immune system, male fertility, stamina, energy and overall sexual function. There are studies that suggest that Maca root may help increase libido, improve mood, boost energy and endurance, and even reduce erectile dysfunction.

Ling Booster is also said to contain Safed Musli, another popular herb of Indian origin, that’s famed for its ability to boost vitality, increase libido and improve sexual performance; alongside other medical uses that are unrelated to sexual activity or fertility.


The other Ayurveda ingredients claimed to make up the Ling Booster cream include Yohimbe, the most extensively used ingredient in sex enhancement pills; Ashwagandha and horny goat weed. All three ingredients are popular for their ability to improve sexual performance in men and even cure erectile dysfunction (ED) and a number of other related sexual problems in certain cases.

Most of these ingredients, especially Yohimbe and horny goat weed, work to improve blood flow to the spongy parts of the penis; corpora spongiosa and cavernosa, leading to fuller erections.

But does Ling Booster really contain enough of these ingredients as claimed?

All of these ingredients have some powerful science-backed benefits on male fertility and overall male sexual performance – but often when taken by mouth.

By ingesting the supplements, you normally get the full benefit of the medicinal ingredients that constitute the product.

Whether or not the cream does enhance male performance is something I cannot comment on. Neither can I talk on whether or not the product actually contains the said ingredients, or to what amount.

What I know is that the claims raised by the Ling Booster manufacturer go against all the science and evidence that exists out there. According to the manufacturer, the ingredients used in the cream are potent enough to penetrate through the skin and do their magic to your precious organ.

There is no research that claims that gels or creams can increase penis size.

Yet, there has been no empirical research carried out supporting that applying these ingredients on top of your skin can allow enough quantities of it to penetrate through to your bloodstream and offer the said benefits. This argument is simply wide of the mark. If you want to realize the medicinal effects of these herbs then you need to take them in fairly sufficient amounts, often achieved through ingestion.

Additionally, I was in good shape, working out and keeping my fitness routine at the time I used this product. As such, I didn’t observe any notable change in my sexual performance that I could attribute to the Ling Booster cream. My objective at the time of buying the product was plainly to enhance my size. From the advert, that’s what stood out among the list of things that Ling Booster could do to the curious and adventurous me, so I jumped aboard the bandwagon of its users without question.

Regrettably, there was no change at all despite spending all that money on the cream. The cream simply slithered my penis for the time I applied it and kept me pleasuring my organ daily for two months – all for nothing.
Way out?


Of course, there is an alternative. Really, if you are serious about doing something regarding the size of your penis, you’re going to have to try something else. Something different from a topical cream, because a topical application simply won’t influence the size of your penis. This is something that has been experimented and the plain simple truth is, it doesn’t work; not that way.

If you are looking to get results increasing the length and girth of your penis then look for an ingestible product. And I won’t leave you to wander around and risk falling for the many dubious offerings available out there that promise what they never deliver. I have a suggestion for you:

Titan Plus

Touted by some analysts as the number one male sexual enhancement brand in the market today, Titan Plus is one of the best all-natural Ayurveda products that most people love to use for its proven benefits.

The product is available in form of pills that effectively increase blood flow to the mass of erectile tissues in the penis, leading to significant increases in penis size and leaving some fairly permanent gains in both girth and length of the organ.

Titan Plus is packed with powerful natural ingredients that boost your testosterone count, the male sex hormone responsible for the development of male reproductive tissues. With greater levels of testosterone, you get to experience prolonged sex drives. And being a pill, swallowed through the mouth, the Titan Plus works quite drastically leading to quick results. Needless to say, this can mean you’re regaining your confidence and getting rid of all that frustration soon after starting to take the penis enlarging pills.

Well, hearing the good news shouldn’t be enough. What’s really going to be enough is you actually trying out the pills and seeing the results for yourself so you can add to the pool of happy users all across the region who are having something good to say about the product.



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