Men Booster Plus Review – All Benefits & Side Effects

Men Booster Plus is probably the most talked about male enhancement supplement in Indian market. However, does it really work? What are the side effects? – These are some of the common questions customers are searching for about the product.

Even though there are no reviews available on the internet about the effectiveness of Male Booster Plus, but there are several side effects reported by some of the customers who have tried it. We discuss all the side effects in a bit, but first let’s look at some of the claims by the company about their product. Here are some of them:

  • They claim it to be India’s No #1 performing penis enlargement pills
  • They claim it to be 100% Ayurveda and natural
  • They claim it to be clinically tested and approved by 500+ urologists
  • They claim that 1 month pack can increase penis length up to 2 inches.


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