Penigra – Capsules and Oil For Penis Enlargement

Alright, so yet another male enhancement product has entered the Indian market! Penigra is a new product that has been taking lot of advertisement space in recent past. They have their ads displayed everywhere on adult networks. The product is available in both capsules and oil form. You can take pill to increase sex time and oil mainly works to increase penis size and erection time.

In this post we are going to talk about Penigra supplement. We’ll provide insightful information about how it works, the science behind it and what are the possible side effects of this product. We’ll also share our honest opinion and suggestion on whether you should order or not.

Penigra Price in India

Price is always subjected to policy update of the company. However, at the moment two month’s package price of Penigra is Rs. 2990/-. In this package you are provided single oil and capsules bottle. You are provided free shipping, which means there is no extra or hidden cost.

How To Use Penigra Capsules & Oil?

Using Penigra capsules and oil is very easy. Daily night before sleeping you have to take one capsule with milk or juice. Before having sex you can apply few drops of oil on your penis and slowly rub it all over to make sure oil is penetrated deep inside the skin.

How Does It Work?

Penigra is a sexual health enhancement product for men in India. After years of research and thorough clinical research these oils and pills are developed using only natural ingredients. It is aimed towards males who want to increase their penis size as well increase sexual performance. It is able to deliver strong and hard erection for long period time because it cures your premature ejaculation.

To be able to satisfy all the customer with best results, Penigra oil and capsules are developed using a potent herbal ayurvedic formula. It safely increases blood vessels by improving blood flow in penis veins and muscles. Results of that ensures optimum growth of penis width and length. This medicine is also good at increasing sex hormones such as testosterone which is important to perform better in bed with your partner.

PENIGRA is a product for those who wants to positively improve their sexual life. It increases girth and length of the penis and also improves sex time by enhancing your stamina and endurance. The oil and capsules both work in gaining stronger and longer erection. This is highly imperative for passionate orgasms and delayed sexual intercourse.

To order Penigra, you have to visit the official website of the company. You can easily order it online and get it delivered at home. They usually ship it the same day or at max the next day when you’ll confirm the order. It takes 5-6 days for shipment to arrive but it might take more or less time depending on your location.

Penigra Side Effects

The company claims it has no side effects, but we can not prove that unless they provide proof of it. There are online reviews posted by their customers in different forums where they have reported side effects after using Penigra oil and capsules. Their might be itching, burning sensation and pain around the penis area as an outcome of side effect after using this product. We can not confirm this though!

Are these permanent or temporary results?

The company says that if you complete the full course then the results you will get will be permanent. The increased length and width of your penis will remain the same forever. These are claims only, if it works this way or not, we do not know.

For how long you should take these medicines? PENIGRA company says that one must take these pills for 2 months to complete the course. Along with pills you should also use the oil to see better results.


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