Spartin Capsules – My Disappointing Experience

spartinProduct name: SPARTIN
Official website: Not Available (Multiple fake websites)
Price: Rs. 2599/-
Alternative Product: TITAN PLUS
Pros: 14% customers said that it helped them increase their stamina and mood. Reasonable product price. 4-5 days delivery.

Cons: Nowhere mentioned that they offer money back guarantee. 78% customers claimed they received fake product that did not work. Chemical ingredients in the product. No certificate of authenticity provided. It is not a government approved product.

Rating: 1.6 out of 5 stars

Final Verdict: Based on customers reviews and feedback, Spartin appears to be a fake product that does not work and it might cause serious side effects as well.

Alphaninja Recommendation: We recommend TITAN PLUS to all our readers and fans. Our recommendation is based on our reviewer’s personal experience and results he shared with us.

I was searching online for natural ways to boost my stamina in bed when I bumped into Spartin male enhancement supplement. I had lately been experiencing a significant drop in my libido and I would feel undesirably tired after going for only two rounds with my partner.

I’m a gym addict. I enjoy most forms of physical activity including martial arts. Most of my life I’ve spent hitting the road in the morning, or the gym in the evening – to the point that this has become my way of life.

Interestingly, I didn’t realize the impact of this form of addition on my sex life or performance on bed until just recently. I had had been working on rolling out my new startup while also keeping up with my day job. I found myself working nearly all the time, throughout the week – no time to work out. And before I knew it, my body system was deteriorating. The busy schedule and stint away from workout was taking a toll on me.

All those claims they have on their website seems to be fake. It simply did not work for me and i do not recommend buying SPARTIN. Don’t be fooled by those fake and misleading promises.

Funny enough, I didn’t notice this until one night when my wife asked if I was really okay. She had been observing the change for some time and was becoming concerned if anything was the matter. She had been accustomed to the robust me, so it was only natural that settling for less in bed would take some getting used to.

The question that sent me looking for ways to improve my sex

So here we were on bed. We had just completed the second round as had been the routine lately. The rounds had been short, lasting barely 10 minutes each, and here I was – lying on my back, exhausted and breathing heavily.

She (my wife) was silent. Her breathing was quiet. Then she spoke. Asking if I was alright. She explained that I had changed, that my sex was “kind of different” and that I was not the way I was before…

I got the message, or so I thought. I didn’t ask for further clarification. Rather, I just told her not to worry, that I would return to my old self before long. That seemed sufficient for her.

The following day, I set out to look for a way to boost my sex performance. I searched online for ways to satisfy a woman in bed. Much as I didn’t realize it, the comment had affected me more than I cared to notice. I was now in doubt about myself. I was uncertain if she had meant that I was no longer satisfying her or if her comment was just a matter of speaking her observation aloud.

Well, I wasn’t going to find that out anyway. I knew that if I asked her to clarify that part, she – out of care to not shatter my ego – would simply tell me something positive. I didn’t want that. I wanted to be the man who satisfies his woman. Like any real man, I would not stand letting her down; I would not risk my wife going around unsatisfied in bed. So I had to find a real quick fix to this fresh new problem.

No chemical products for me

Despite wanting my libido and stamina to rise quickly, I knew that there were many chemical products out there. I am generally very wary of chemical based products, I just don’t trust them. I hate side effects that would cause some undesirable, lasting impacts on me. So I specified my search with terms like ‘organic’, ‘natural’ and ‘plant based’ to return only those herbal or natural products. That’s when I bumped upon this product called Spartin Nutrient Optimization System.

What I learnt about Spartin Capsules

The first thing that caught my eyes about Spartin capsules is the fact that it was made of natural ingredients. According to the information I found on their website, the capsules contain no chemicals at all, further research indicating that this capsule was made from Yohimbe as the main ingredient.

Yohimbe is a herb known across India and other places as a potent aphrodisiac, and the most extensively used ingredient in sex enhancement pills.

Because of its popularity, some unscrupulous manufacturers also claim to use Yohimbe in their products even when lab tests reveal no traces in the various products. With this in mind, I was a bit reluctant to accept the idea of taking Spartin just because it claimed to contain Yohimbe, a name that I was familiar with.

There were a number of claims the manufacturer made about Spartin. Among them, they claimed that the supplement utilized the medicinal value in Yohimbe to deliver impressive results. According to the manufacturer, these pills had the capacity to increase the penis in addition to boosting blood flow into the erectile tissue inside the penis, leading to rock had erections.

That bit somehow spiked my curiosity. It spoke something that I craved to achieve and was willing to do anything to make it happen. Moreover, the manufacturer claimed that the Spartin Capsule could make me experience more pleasure, meaning increased libido; just what I was looking for.

Settled for the purchase anyway

Something inside me felt that this was too good to be true. Yet I didn’t have much of a choice, though. I had to find a quick way to fix my sex performance and whatever promised that outcome, I was willing to try it out. So I decided to place an order for a bottle of Spartin capsules.

To do this, I headed over to the product’s website, filled the order form with my personal information and contact details, plus the address where I would have the supplement delivered.

The bottle containing 30 capsules arrived soon just as promised. And I started taking them immediately.

Not the outcome I paid for

Bout four days later, I felt fairly virile and had a great night with my partner. The same week, I had spared two evenings for the gym and had had some really good cardiovascular workouts.

But that would be the last of such good performances. Two days after, I approached the act of making love to my partner on a high note after a great family dinner. I was quite confident that I would perform great, given the way I had been good two days earlier. I was wrong. The first round was a disappointment; lasted a bare 7 minutes, though the second one lasted slightly longer – about 16 minutes.

Unfortunately, that was the end for the night. My appetite for sex was gone just like that, with just those two rounds of sex. This was the start of my second week in the pills program and it bothered me that I wasn’t seeing much difference.

In retrospect, I cannot tell whether the good performance that I experienced was due to the workout at the gym that had kick started my system, or whether the capsules had something to do with it. All I know is that 30 days later, I was a disappointed man. I had spent money in a product that did absolutely nothing to me. I couldn’t see any change to smile about.

I phoned the company and explained my experience. Apparently, a refund was not on the table, and my subsequent follow up calls went unanswered. So I decided to review the product here to caution anyone who might want to buy the capsules so they may make their decisions when they are more informed and know what to expect.

I also intend to share what eventually worked for me, to help provide anyone with a similar problem as mine with an alternative to consider.

TITAN PLUS – This one works

When all hope seemed to be gone, I came upon something else: TITAN PLUS. I had promised myself to not give up trying so when I discovered TITAN PLUS, I decided to buy and try it anyway. And thank goodness, it didn’t take long to get my strength back.

This was the happiest experience in a long time, seeing a positive change slowly and steadily settling in to body. My performance getting restored more and more each day as I was using the Titan Plus tablets.

I’m just so very happy with myself for having not given up trying. This determined mindset helped me achieve the virility that I needed. It heled me make the decision to try out TITAN PLUS. Even though I have since resumed going to the gym, which now helps sustain my strength and stamina in bed, I now know just where to look in case I bet busy and need to keep satisfying my woman.

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