TestoUltra – A Fake Testosterone Booster That You Should Avoid

testoultra bottleProduct name: TestoUltra
Official website: Not Available (Multiple fake websites)
Price: Rs. 3499/-
Alternative Product: TITAN PLUS
Pros: 27% customers said that it increased their stamina and libido.

Cons: False & Misleading claims by the company. No money back guarantee provided to customers. Mostly chemical ingredients based product. 89% negative reviews by TestoUltra customers. Extremely bad and unprofessional customer care executives. Bad packaging and delivery service.

Rating: 2.1 out of 5 stars

Final Verdict: Based on customers reviews and feedback, TestoUltra appears to be a fake product that does not work and it might cause serious side effects as well. So, we’d suggest you to avoid buying it.

Alphaninja Recommendation:: We recommend TITAN PLUS to all our readers and fans. Our recommendation is based on our reviewer’s personal experience and results he shared with us.

I was referred to Testo Ultra by a friend. Well, it wasn’t exactly a referral in the traditional sense, but rather a sort of consultation. The guy had just come across this product that seemed really wonderful from the words of those who promoted it online.

So the guy walks up to me and asks me to check out this supplement that he just discovered. He is convinced that the supplement is great and actually wants us to buy it together, since he is new to the whole business of online shopping – and guarded about it for that matter.

From what he tells me, I instantly get curious and want to know more about this magic product. So we take out my laptop computer and hit the search bar.

From the Internet search

Indeed, Testo Ultra pops up on numerous reviews that say all manner of good stuff about the product. Then there is their website. All these information resources tend to say the same thing(s) about the product.

They claim that Testo Ultra is a male enhancement pill that works to increase lean muscle in the male body, boost testosterone levels and help one lose fat fast. The end result is a person with lean body mass, less fat and lots, and lots of testosterone in their body.

Testosterone is the hormone produced mainly in the testes, responsible for stimulating the development of secondary sexual characteristics in males. Normally, as one grows older, the levels of this essential hormone usually decline.

As such, men will normally lose their virility and sexual drive with age. A man at his thirties is therefore biologically less virile and has lower sex drive compared to someone in their early twenties.


And, another important scientific fact is that one doesn’t usually see the decline in testosterone levels because it happens gradually and silently. So, while symptoms such as fatigue and stress are often attributed to today’s busy work life and sometimes sedentary lifestyles, the actual biological process that triggers such symptoms often includes a drop in the body’s testosterone hormone levels.

I and my friend knew all about these. We also knew that there are testosterone supplements out there, but neither of us had ever really been serious about using them.

But then, here we were, reading about this product touting itself as the best supplement to boost our testosterone levels.

Too good to be true

Honestly, I didn’t trust this product from the get go. For starters, it claimed to have zero side effects; a claim which was just unnatural. There is always a margin of error, a small percentage off the effectiveness of every substance with medicinal value.


Even the best medicines have a small percentage of weakness that is oftentimes downplayed simply because it is outweighed by the benefits. Simply put, a product can only be 99.9% good, but not 100%. However, the TestoUltra claimed to be absolute, with a 100 percent safety profile – this got me concerned.

Still, my friend insisted on trying it out, so I had no choice but to give in. Thus we decided to place an order for a bottle of the supplement each.

No pricing, long form to fill: the first terrible experience

There were many websites that claimed to sell this Testo Ultra supplement. However, something was fishy about the whole setup. Once we clicked the “Order Today” button, we were redirected to a different user interface on a completely different website with a different URL from the original one.

We left the first website that we had tried out and went to the next. We clicked the BUY button, only for the URL of that website to load the same form we saw the first time. Even more worrying, the redirect process first loaded multiple URLs before finally settling on one that contained the form.

And, there was no price indicated anywhere! Was this really genuine? Was someone gathering our browser information? Was this some kind of dubious process intended to install some kind of virus on our computer? We couldn’t find the answers to our many questions. And worst of all, there was no one to ask for clarification.

We left the website and moved to a third one after my friend suggested that we don’t give up yet. Yes, this website seemed to be the main website because the URL corresponded to the name of the supplement.

Still, the concern remained the price of the TestoUltra. We were hoping to be shown the price to be able to make an informed decision based on that information but we were apparently out of luck.

All these companies use the same ingredients, that does not work for increasing penis size or sex time. All this is nonsense to be honest!

Internet search finally revealed the price information

After being unable to find the price on any of the seller websites, I did a random Google search for the price and was able to find out that one had to fill out the form on the official website of the product to be able to see the total cost.

What this meant was that we were not going to know how much to spend on the product until we provided our details on the form, which actually would mean being on our way to checkout. There was no other way to be aware of the cost before ordering anything, so I filled out the form on what looked like the official website.

At the end, we paid $65.99 each for a bottle of TestoUltra containing 60 capsules.

Why we bought the supplement

Our decision to buy the supplement was influenced by the claim that the supplement could not only boost sexual stamina, but also help us lose fat and get fit without having to go to the gym any more.

We both live very busy lifestyles, and by the time my friend came upon this product, we had not been able to go to the gym for several months. Personally I was getting fat. I was slowly developing a pot belly.

My friend was worse. He is not exactly the best fan of the gym and I have always dragged him along amid protests and excuses. So, now that I was unable to go to the gym myself following a promotion at work, he got the biggest excuse of his life to not bother go there himself.

Now he was having what looked like a baby bump, and he loathed it. He had already tried some weight loss teas but none really worked. And just a few days back, he had confided in me that his libido was declining. Well, that was a big problem for a man who just celebrated his 31st birthday.

So here was a product that was promising to give him muscles, take away his disturbing pot belly and shoot his performance in bed though the roof. I understood him. I understood the stress. So when he insisted that we make this purchase, I did not have the audacity to refuse. No one wanted this to work more than I.

Unsubstantiated claims

According to the manufacturer, one does not need any doctor’s prescription to take this pill. All you have to do is take two of these pills a day and wait to see mind blowing results in just two weeks. This sounded too good to be true, but I had decided to try it out nonetheless. So I would stop at nothing.

The manufacturer says that the supplement works to increase blood circulation in the body, which is often impeded by poor diets and lack of enough physical activity.

The other claim is that this product contains various Ayurveda herbs including Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, Nettle Root and Saw Palmetto. These herb are generally known to have some powerful health benefits such as boosting libido and increasing endurance in bed.

What’s unknown, however, is whether TestoUltra really contains these herbs as claimed. There are some testimonials online, but the fact that all of them are five star reviews underscored with serious similarities in terms of wording and line of argument is just worrying.

Could they have been generated from the same source to manipulate potential buyers? We were yet to find that out.
Three weeks down the line…

I went to the weighing machine. The results were disappointing. I had added about a quarter of a kilogram, when in essence I was supposed to be losing weight. I had been feeling more and more fatigue and thought it was my body or some other health problem that I was having. But when my friend reported the same experience, saying that he had not seen any change in his dwindling libido, I knew instantly that we had been defrauded.

We had been taking this supplement for three weeks straight. It had claimed to increase blood flow to the body thereby ensuring proper supply of nutrients to these body parts. It had also claimed to boost testosterone levels so that we would experience increased sex drive and greater stamina with increased sperm production. Unfortunately, here we were with not much to show for it.

What we discovered upon further research

TestoUltra is promoted as a clinically-tested testosterone booster, but in essence, there is really no scientific evidence backing that claim. These are nothing but pure claims the manufacturer is making to lure users.

What science says?

The body requires free testosterone to experience the effects it has in the body. Some drugs that claim to boost testosterone in the body actually supply the hormone in its bound form, which is not usable by the body.

Taking the wrong testosterone medication may exhaust the Testosterone producing cells in the body, impeding the normal Testosterone production and potentially causing low mood, low muscle tone, fatigue and even depression.

Light at the end of the road

It took us a while to figure out what to do. Anyway, in the process of researching this dubious product we were able to come cross something that looked genuine: TITAN PLUS. It was our last shot after discontinuing the intake of TestoUltra supplement.

Today, I’m happy to share that this product helped turn our situation around. It served as the antidote to the bad effects that the TestoUltra had had on us. We still continue to use it and look forward to greater and more pleasing results.


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