Vigimin Gel – Learn About The Price & Side Effects

The market of female sexual pleasure enhancement products in India has picked up a lot. We see several women libido creams, pills and gels being sold online and offline. Vigimin Gel is another product that claims to provide intense sexual pleasure to females who have low libido or sex drive. The company says that their product is efficient in giving multiple orgasm which is difficult to get naturally.

How does it work to increase libido in women? Well, the gel has to be applied regularly to increase sexual intensity and excitement during sexual intercourse. The gel is said to be developed using natural ingredients that intensifies sensations in erogenous areas of female body. It can help you supercharge your sex desire and get maximum pleasure of sex.

Vigimin Gel Price in India

In India the product is only sold online, therefore there is not much information available about the price in different medical stores. Price of Vigimin gel in India is Rs. 1990/- for single tube package. It can be used for a month and then you can again order it online. Exact price may go up or down depending on current offer provided by the Vigimin company.

How To Use Vigimin Gel?

Using Vigimin gel is very simple. You have to apply decent portion of gel around your vagina. You should gently apply it all over the Vagina skin and rub it to ensure it is penetrated inside. It basically let those ingredients go inside the skin and then it creates the sensation to enhance the urge to have sex. That is how it increases the libido in women. It works or not? Well, we don’t know because we have not used it personally.

Is Vigimin Gel A Scam?

While searching for information about Vigimin Gel, we found that there is not much available online. They have also not provided the list of ingredients which makes it a bit skeptical product to try. Without knowing the ingredients used it, how can one come to conclusion that it is safe to use or not? So, we can not say that it is a scam or fraud company, but they should provide all the information about the product and business to become a trusted and reputed brand. For now, we do not recommend buying or using it.

What are the benefits of Vigimin Gel for women?

  • It can prolong sexual pleasure by enhancing libido
  • Claims to be made with herbal ayurvedic ingredients
  • Helps in achieving multiple and intensified orgasms
  • It delivers sexual pleasure right after application on the vagina
Side Effects of Vigimin Gel

We did lot of research on reported side effects by Vigimin Gel customers. There were few reviews posted by Indian women and some of them complained about rashes and itching on their vagina after applying this gel. Many customers also complained that it does not work as said by the company.

Final Thoughts

Although the website of the product looked good, but the lack of information about the product is a serious turn off. We couldn’t find the ingredients used in it and there is not much scientific facts provided about how does Vigimin Gel product works either. Therefore, We can not recommend this product, because it may cause side effects. You can order and use it at your own risk.

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