Xtra Man Cream – Does This Penis Enlargement Cream Work?

xtra manHave seen advertisement of XTRA-Man cream in Indian adult videos websites? If you are thinking about ordering it, then this post would bring you all the insightful information about the product. I’ll tell you about XTRA-Man cream price in India, how to order it from official website. I’ll also tell you about the side effects of this penis enlargement and the results it got me. This review is based on my personal experience, therefore you will be assured of an honest and unbiased review. Let’s start with relevant information about the product first.

What is Xtra Man cream and who can use it?

Indian penis enlargement products market is flooded with many creams, gels and ointments. XTRA-Man is one of the most popular products in this segment. Who can use it? Well, the product is for males who want to increase the penis size using a cream. It claims to be effective in adding extra few inches to your size as well as provide you strong and long lasting erection. In short, the product aims to supercharge your sex life by helping you perform better in bed with your partner.

The company claims that product is good enough to work for all age group men. You must use it regularly to see results and once it is included in your routine, you will be able to perform well in sexual intercourse. The company says that Xtra Man cream is developed as a formula to make Indian men feel more hard and rock solid around their penis area to ensure their erections are hard and for long period of time.

XTRA-Man Cream Price in India

The product is available on company’s official website at Rs. 1990/-. For this price you will be provided one tube that you can use daily by applying it on your penis. You just have to massage your penis with the cream everyday to increase the width and length. You can do it while masturbating or before having sex with your partner.

Which Company Has Developed XTRA MAN?

There is no information provided on its official website about the registered company name who have manufactured it. This is a serious drawback because as a consumer you have the right to know the license number and registration details of the company.

I saw their advertisement online and decided to order it on their website. I was interested in their product, but I wanted to know more about the company that manufactures it. So, I decided to search for information about them but could not get any information at all. It seems as if some international pharma company manufactures it. In India there are different individual sellers who sell this cream. Most of them are located in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon area.

The shady moment came when I did deep research about this product. They don’t even have decent websites and not even urls that one can remember easily. Most of them lure customers by advertising on adult websites. They link to fake blogs and magazine website where they use fake images and information about the product to impress customers.

Their website seems to be a hoax because there is not much information provided and every detail about the product seems to be copies from other products. Therefore, there is no genuine info available to trust these guys.

How does It work?

XTRA-MAN product is marketed by the company as a potent weapon to increase penis size and width. It also works for providing long lasting erections.

They also say that it increases sex time and stamina. I don’t know how a cream can do that, but this is what they say on their website.

XTRA Man cream also claim that it can permanently cure erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation related sex problems. So, all in all, it is a product to cure all your sex problems like a miracle cream.

How to use XTRA-Man cream?

All the penis enlargement ointments, gels, and creams are massaged on the penis and this is exactly how this product should be used. It should be completely absorbed in the skin and deeply penetrated into the skin. You have to do it daily to see results or it won’t work. You can apply it while masturbating as well. However, if you are going to have sex, then you should apply it 1 hour before, or else it may cause side effects to both male and female. For this it is recommended to wash off the cream using soap and then have sex.

Ingredient used in this product are not known because the official website of Xtra Man has not provided any information on it. Ingredients are not listed on their website nor on their product packaging. This can be a serious issue, because it becomes to difficult to predict any side effects that may cayse after using the cream. You must know the ingredients in order to decide whether it is effective or will it cause side effects or not. In Xtra Man’s case it seems to be a be shady and that’s why I do not recommend using it.

My Personal Experience of Ordering & Using XTRA MAN

Just like everyone, I was also interested in giving it a try. I saw their advertisement on a website and then I did some research about the product. Finally when it looked convincing, I decided to order it. They charged me Rs. 1990 for one tube package.

I confirmed the order when Xtra Man cream’s customer care called me for delivery address. It was delivered in 4 days. I paid using cash on delivery option and quickly opened the parcel as I was excited to use it straightway. Inside the package there was a tube and a user manual as well.

I decided to use it right away. The cream smelled okay to me. So, I got decent portion and started massaging my penis with it. I rubbed it gently all over the skin for about 15 minutes and then I masturbated as I was watching a sex video at that time.

It felt okay, but after few hours, I felt burning sensation around me penis area. I quickly checked and got the shock of my life. There were huge red rashes all over the penis skin. It was so painful and the itching it gave me was a nightmare to say the least. I was scratching all over it like crazy. After some time I saw boils forming on my penis skin and genitals.

I was scared to death and rushed to a doctor. He checked and told me that it is a clear case of side effect of a medicine or cream applied on the skin. I told him that I have used XTRA MAN cream to enlarge my penis. He told me never use these creams or else be ready for severe side effects that can be life threatening.

This is a total fraud product which is promoted and marketed by different fraud companies in India. It does not work for all the claims it says on the website. Forget about increasing penis size, it did not even work to increase sex time. On top of that it gave me serious side effects.

My Suggestion & Honest Opinion

I have wasted money on this useless product and I do not recommend it to anyone. Please save yourself from this fraud product called Xtra Man and do not waste money on it. Not to mention, those socking side effects were nightmare and I do not want anyone to suffer with them. In simple words, do not buy this at any cost if you want to save yourself from side effects.


  1. bilkul bekaar hai ye cream sirf paise kammane ki sceem hai aur kuch ni h costomer ko pagal banate h maine three tube ja course kiya koi benifit ni mila

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